The car, The German chancellor, Angela Merkel did this morning in Frankfurt, the world’s biggest car show opened. Many of the new electric cars will make their debut. Our autoredactie will take you on a journey through the most important news from the stock market.

motor shows seem to be in a free fall, and ended up to be, and now is becoming less and less car manufacturers are investing large amounts of money to want to go out. And whether or not it’s to stay away from a number of brands, already it is not enough, it was the opening of the show this morning-also disrupted by environmental campaigners. One of the protesters was wearing a mask with the face of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, in a BMW, which is a fake license plate was pasted: ‘sport utility vehicles (SUV = klimaatkiller’. The other protesters were carrying signs with ‘Caps, with petrol and diesel!’.

Volkswagen’s ID.3

in Spite of such setbacks, is to be there for the visitors in Frankfurt, and this time, it was still more than enough new things to see. Frankfurt is one of the most important and best attended car shows in Europe.Volkswagen, for example, there is the International Automobil Ausstellung’ (IAA), the first of the ID.3. This adds up to VW, the third chapter in the rich history of the brand. After the Beetle and the Golf, this is the first power of the Volkswagen, just like its famous predecessors, is intended for the general public.

With a length of 4,26 meters, it is the user ID.3 is of about the same size as a Golf, but for its spacious interior design, is reminiscent of the much larger Passat. A trailer can’t be there, but if you prefer, you can have a towbar fitted, which has a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds, and is meant to be, for example, bicycles can be transported.

Volkswagen says that the ID’s.3 the winking headlight, which the driver greets as soon as he or she is in and the car is running. Also, on the inner side it communicates with the user ID.3, by means of a led-lighting under the front windscreen there is a lichtstrip that the car can give you about the impending danger, and instructions for the navigation system or the information on the state of charge of the battery.

Volkswagen is delivering to the user ID.3 with a choice of three different accupakketten. He is, according to VW, up to about 550 km per battery charge. At 100 hp, it takes half an hour to get to 290 miles of additional range to add.In our country, receive the ID.3 around the middle of next year, the first as the “1ST edition” on the market. This well-appointed introductieversie is based on the median accugrootte (58 kWh, to a maximum of 420 km) and is equipped with a large panoramic glass roof, voice control, and special alloy wheels.

From the november roll out the first user ID.3, the band, the German Zwickau. The car, which is already more than 30,000 reservations have been made, with less than 40,000 dollars, and from 2020 onwards, is available.