Countryside In the process of peeking the ex-cafébaas of the danscafé Bananas in the Countryside could be the targets Wednesday for the first time with the man himself to focus. His lawyer asked for the postponement of a punishment to give you. “We have one goal: to prove that this man is a manipulator and a liar who needs to be helped,” was it in the garage.

as The debate around the peeking out ex-cafébaas Christopher B. of the danscafé Bananas in the Countryside, were on Wednesday re-opened when a court case. At the first hearing came up, the man did not show up. He was then with his girlfriend in the usa. On the very day that the judgement would be handed down, he was all of a sudden though. His lawyer asked for the debate to re-open it in order to have the best interests of the Race B. to be able to defend it.

Cafébaas friend

all The victims, there was submitted a total of eighteen, the civil party and saw it on Wednesday for their chance to stand up to the peeping to establish it, and they were not nice to the guy. “We know you are not alone as cafébaas, but also as a friend. When the news bekendraakte, and we have the video footage of the police are seen, there is a bomb blast. Disgusting, and surprisingly sharp images, and were, up until now, I always look at it when I have to go to a public toilet to go to. When we asked if the rumors were true, was lying right in our faces, and we believed you. To say that you’re sorry now sounds very, very cheap. Please, just let you handle it, because you’ve got a really big problem. Do it for yourself, your children and other potential victims.”

After the court proceedings, it was Frank, Rickaert, and his former business partner in the café and Bananas, too. He scolded, Christophe, B., the skin is full of it and had to be restrained by police officers. His two daughters, was shot in the toilets.


lawyer Christopher B. requests a suspension of the sentence for the man. “If such a thing is to have a clean criminal record, would be, could he be moved permanently to a new friend in America, and has been looking for work for nearly an impossible task. The facts have been out of a morbid curiosity, which is an addiction now. He did it out of boredom, and the Bananas open up early in the morning it’s four days of work in a week.”Christopher B. apologized at length. “I knew what I was doing was wrong, and understand not what it is that I have the facts committed to have. Each and every day, I was still in my head, as soon as I get up. In Belgium the function does not work anymore, that’s why I’m working to locate in other countries.” Shortly after the trial of his former partner, in paris and Bring Frank, Rickaert too much. He scolded the accused, Christophe, B., the skin is full, and it had to be kept in check by the police officers. The two daughters of the Rickaert was shot in the men’s room. Agents had the man bringing him back to the rest.