The sudden death of Anatoly Sobchak: what conclusions did the investigation come to

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Despite the fact that many today consider Anatoly Sobchak controversial figure in the political arena, he will forever remain in history, at least as the first mayor of St. Petersburg. However, Sobchak died, when he was a confidant of the current President of the country. Upon death of the policy staff of Prosecutor’s office of the Kaliningrad region opened a criminal case.

a Criminal case, France and the death of

the mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak has held for five years. In June 1996, according to the results of elections, a position now Governor of the Northern capital went to his Deputy Vladimir Yakovlev. If you believe the author of the book “investigative Journalism: history method and contemporary practice,” Andrei Konstantinov, then Sobchak’s problems began with the General Prosecutor’s office. He was suspected of corruption and abuse of power. Without thinking, Anatoly Sobchak went to France, where he remained until the termination of the criminal case.

Sobchak returned to Russia only in the summer of 1999. A few months later he became a confidant of the then future President Vladimir Putin. That fateful trip Sobchak in the Kaliningrad region and the objectives of the election campaign of Putin. Died ex-mayor in the room of the hotel “Rus” in the resort town of Svetlogorsk in February 2000. The official cause of death was listed as acute heart failure. However, the country immediately began to spread rumors that Sobchak died not due to natural causes.

Rumors of the murder and the version of the poisoning

Oil on the fire poured not only ordinary gossips and the press, but the wife of Anatoly Sobchak Lyudmila Narusova. According to the author of the book “Sobchak” Pavel Smolyak, the first time Narusova called the death of a spouse only as “death”. However, later she becameand to add: “Death by harassment”. Under the persecution Narusova understood the said case instituted against the former mayor of St. Petersburg and stopped in connection with absence of criminal acts. In addition, he and Anatoly Sobchak in an interview to a question about why he went to Paris, replied: “you Could kill”. At least, such words Sobchak presented in the publication “Anatoly Sobchak: what it was” by Olga Guseva.

all Of the above, and despite the fact that the first autopsy made by pathologists in Kaliningrad showed that Sobchak died of a heart attack in the month of may of the same 2000 a Prosecutor of the Kaliningrad region opened a criminal case on the fact of his death. As the authors of the book “Russia of the 2000s. Putin and other” V. Yu. Dorofeev, V. G. Bashkirov and A. V. Solovyov, as one of the versions the investigators considered the version of poisoning Sobchak alcohol.

a New examination and old insights

Followed by a new examination. This time the body of the policy was examined by specialists which Anatoly Sobchak almost native of St. Petersburg. According to Olga Gorshenkova, author of the book “the Optimistic Commissar Xenia. Fate is kind”, the pathologists of the Northern capital have not found in the blood Sobchak not only no traces of toxic substances or drugs, but also alcohol. Experts again concluded that the main factor that caused the death of Anatoly Alexandrovich, was really a heart attack.

At the end of July 2000, according to Pavel Smolyak, in his book “Sobchak”, the Deputy Prosecutor of the Kaliningrad region Eduard Frolov has stated publicly that the criminal case on the fact of the sudden death of Anatoly Sobchak dropped due to absence of the crime itself.

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