The strangest things that make only Russian divers

Another 28/12/19 the strangest things that make only Russian divers

a Maritime customs is complicated and often incomprehensible to people not serving in the Navy, and especially in the army.

In the Navy, there are many traditions and customs that should be obeyed – a sacred duty of every sailor, both military and civilian fleet. Certainly, many readers heard about the rite of passage into the submarine when the sailor first submerged submarine to a depth of, give to drink sea water.

Water, certainly the salt accumulated at a depth of not less than 100 metres away, consumed from the lamp. Accommodates a ceiling of about 300 grams of sea water, drunk it in one gulp, after which the new submariner give to eat the salty water condensed milk or chocolate. Sometimes, instead of sweet is given roach. The same ritual and are newcomers in the yachting business. But they have a little bit easier – in the rivers the water is not salty.

the Captain-Lieutenant A. Sklyarov says in the magazine “Science and life”, sea water is very clean, clear, but very cold and bitter bitter and salty. In the process the recruit say parting words, and the fact that the sailor is shed, collected in the palm of your hand and pour sloppy submariner by the collar and head. It is believed that sea water from the depths even useful.

There is in the Navy and other “entertainment”. So, the mechanics of kissing the cross, the bound of the two wrenches and smeared with grease. And another of the obligatory rituals associated with the kiss hammer.

to Kiss a sledgehammer – the second stage of initiation into the submarine. It is, of course, not so romantic, how much is a little dangerous, because in the process of kissing with such a dangerous tool you can naturally lose a pair or two teeth.

the Ceremony is simple and at the same time quite complex. Heavy hammer suspended on a rope and swinging. The newcomer needs to kiss tool and OSTbe healthy, and the team, watching his actions, making conclusions about his cleverness. Everything is simple to banality – if the sailor tries to kiss tool, approaching his face, the heavy hammer will just knock his teeth in. Therefore, if the newcomer savvy enough to kiss her it will be on the decline when it flies from him.

If you are a beginner with honours passed all these simple but unpleasant “exam”, he with a clear conscience can consider himself a true seafarer “residence” under water. In confirmation of this he will receive the certificate of the submariner and dried fish.

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