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History 03/01/20 Soviet “private Ryan”: how brother Vatutin returned home from the front

the drama of Steven Spielberg’s “Saving private Ryan” is one of the best American films about the Second world war. The epic of the detachment sent to Normandy to bring home a single soldier, with a sinking heart watched by millions of viewers around the world. However, few people know that the prototype of James Ryan could be a Soviet soldier Pavel Vatutin.

the Brother of General

Pavel Vatutin had the brother of General Nikolai Vatutin, commander of the First Ukrainian front. His mother, Vera Yefimovna was taken to war four sons. One by one she lost three last died in the family was the General Vatutin, who in 1944 died in Kiev from the effects of wounds received in battle with the Bandera. After Vera Efimovna appealed to Nikita Khrushchev, her eldest son Paul returned home.

This unusual decision was due, presumably, to the fact that it was about the family of a military commander. The case concerned an ordinary Soviet citizens, to rely on the gestures of humanism on the part of military conscription was not necessary. In the red Army, no one thought, how many lives laid on the altar of the victory of one or the other family. For example, a Kuban peasant of Epistimia Stepanova killed six sons, one of whom became a Hero of the Soviet Union. Miraculously survived only to the seventh son, but he returned home after the Victory in August 1945.

Vagrant story

according to the authors of the documentary “declassified history. Saving private” to American filmmakers the story of Paul Vatutin came through who knew his family of the Soviet Director Yuri Ozerov. Original episode a return home, a member had to enter the picture Ozerov “Liberation”, but was removed from the final script. In the late 1980s, the lake, shooting a film “Stalingrad”, collaborated with the American company Warner Bros. Presumably, the Director spoke about Vatutine during informal communication with American colleagues.

the coincidence of the stories did not go unnoticed. According to military historian Sergei Kudryashov, immediately after the release of the film “Saving private Ryan” the question of borrowing Spielberg alien history raised Russian-language American Newspapers.

the version of other prototypes

During the Second world war, the United States had a large population, had not experienced difficulties with mobilization. Therefore, the U.S. Department of defense did not need to call for all sons of one mother. However, in America there was a similar story to what happened in the family Vatutin. For example, in 1942 war propaganda extolled the heroism of the five Sullivan brothers, enlisted in the army as volunteers. In the end, all five at once died 13 November 1942 when the USS Juneau on which they served, was sunk by the Japanese.

the Immediate basis for Spielberg, presumably, is the story of the paratroopers of the Niland brothers. When three of them appeared on the lists of deadweight losses, the fourth withdrew from the theater of battle. However, it was later revealed that he survived another brother, who was captured by the Japanese. Accurate information about what stories inspired Steven Spielberg, no.

“According to some, the film is based on real events that occurred during the war with his brothers Niladari, when it was adopted the law on the distribution of all military service family members on various military units, as well as on the return of the last living of them from the front. But according to others, the basis of history were the events that happened to the Soviet soldier,” said Julia Cameron, author of the book “50 great movies that you want to see.”

In the film “Saving private Ryan” the most unlikely is the formation of a special unit to save the life of one SoldaTA. This history of the Second world war did not happen in any army. If you had to pick someone up from the front, the order just passed in it — for example, by radio. After that, the fighter can meet and safely go home.

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