The SEC lost. What's going on after the lifting of prohibitions — the shops are closed, few customers

Novosibirsk cancelled last major coronavirus limit for business earned large shopping centers. But the decision of the regional government was caught off guard by the management and the tenants. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov toured the biggest venues and see what is happening. Many shops are still closed, and some, apparently, and is never going to open.

least of all was ready to resume the outlets in the “Gallery Novosibirsk”. Not only that, here I was blocked by some reason one of the doors (which created a flea market in another), so to the hour of the day here, in principle, did not work anything except the Magnit supermarket and a few shops in the only left for the passage of the gallery leading to it. In the stores themselves visible not very intense training. On the benches in the aisle sit the failed buyers, not just come to rest in onlookers.