The return of Olympic history: the Alisher Usmanov has transferred to the IOC Manifesto of Baron de Coubertin

the international Olympic Committee found the most important in its history, the Manifesto document of the founding father of the Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The manuscript of the late nineteenth century, in which de Coubertin introduced the main principles of the Olympic movement, the IOC President handed Alisher Usmanov is a Russian businessman and head of the International fencing Federation. The ceremony took place in Lausanne, where the Olympic Museum is located.

For this high-profile premieres this is the right in the Museum place. Fencers Alisher Usmanov, Thomas Bach and Pierre de Coubertin together like the three Musketeers demonstrate to the public that what started the revival of the Olympic movement. The Manifesto, a speech of Baron de Coubertin drafted for performance, I at the Sorbonne. This manuscript is the price for this lot Alisher Usmanov at the auction “fought”, but a gift to the world is priceless.

“Dear Alisher, thank you. Since the days of Pierre de Coubertin, our founding father, the comprehensive mission of the International Olympic Committee to unite the world in fair competition. Your contribution, Alisher, inspires us to reflect on this noble mission and of what great importance it has in our time”, — said the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach.

Wearing white gloves, the workers of the Museum, not breathing, turning yellow vellum pages. It is evident that his speech Coubertin wrote the first that came to hand: not filled on letterhead of the Congress on physical education. The Baron is young, he is 29 years old, full of ideas. In a hurry, crossing out the rules. Ink color Sepia. The handwriting is calligraphic, elegant, and his ideas. Sport, according to Coubertin, change the world, stop the war, because the fight should be only for sports.

Alisher Usmanov asking Thomas Bach to accept this gift is not from him but from Russia, from athletes — Soviet and Russian.

“I would ask the President to accept this gift from us. We believe that what is happening in the Russian sports changes come newe leaders, the new Minister of sports, the new head of government responsible for sport. Among them, you know, people like Dmitry Chernyshenko, will do everything to turn the sad page and provide all athletes with equal conditions of participation in the Olympic games and other world Championships,” — said the President of the International fencing Federation Alisher Usmanov.

the name of the patron Alisher Usmanov will now remain on the wall of the Museum — in the heart as the gift — manifest. It will be surrounded by rare Olympic items. This is the first flag, the five rings that symbolize the points of the compass, invented by Coubertin, the Olympic torches.

160 thousand visitors a year, 10 thousand exhibits. At the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland has a history and titles, but today here home in the Olympic house returned the historic document — the Manifesto of the Olympic movement. From that day to see and read it in the full version will be able to attend.