Jaha, the currywurst, invented in Berlin, the city’s landmark, a must at every party, from the district league club festival to the stupidest executive event. And of course it’s a shame that classic sausage stands are disappearing from the cityscape (here is our newsletter report from Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf).

Especially since, as one reader notes, contrary to the ideas of the responsible city council, it is not so easy to establish a snack bar in a shop instead of a free-standing booth, if only because of the smell-sensitive people who live above it.

But it’s also a pity that in Berlin’s sizzling stalls, with a few exceptions, there is hardly any progress in the offer. Take Wittenbergplatz as an example: there are four stalls in four corners and none of them offer vegan food, all just meat, meat, meat…

Before the culture war breaks out here: No, I don’t want to force anyone to give up meat and I’m not declaring a veggie day. I just want meatless to be offered ALSO, and not just fries.

Now it is guaranteed to be pointed out that only tourists eat there anyway. Firstly: No, I live nearby and like to be there (sorry!). Secondly, there should also be tourists who like vegan currywurst. Business might even be better then.

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