The Time-out will look like. Cristiano Ronaldo (34), in an interview with ITV, he was looking at a few of the ladies. The women, employees of a McDonald’s restaurant, gave the British, in the early days of his career, free of charge burgers. “I would like for them to give something back,” said He, and the chance he seems to get it. One of the women has since been found.

“He asked me one day to get to his house, and after a workout. We would have something to eat and the table had some chicken, salad and water. We began to eat, and I thought that the main course would follow. But there was nothing. He ate his plate empty, he stood up and began to play football.”

Previous story, told by the French ex-soccer player Patrice Evra at the world cup in 2018 on The Right. The Portuguese team mate of Evra at Man United, also in the field of nutrition, nothing is left to chance. However, this is not always the case. In the early days of his career, He might even have a McDonald’s burger to the inside.