The death of a 26-year-old accountant Botham Jean, at the beginning of september last year, in Dallas, made a lot of dust raised. Agent Amber Guyger (31) are mixed, to the said apartment, as it was after his service, returned home. She looked for the rightful owner, Botham Jean, for an intruder and shot him to death. Guyger was charged with murder. At her trial, said the defense, that the agent was distracted, as they chanted throughout the day with one of her colleagues.

the Amber Guyger was that the sixth of september, 2018 and, according to his own words, a shift of 15 hours of her when she was still in the army, and her apartment block came to. Mistakenly referred them to a level higher than that of her own home. She stepped into the apartment, she was convinced that it was indeed hers, it was. The door was slightly ajar, and the officer thought there was an intruder in her apartment was located. She looked at a man and fired. She was the owner, Botham Jean, who, after his injuries and died.

the Amber Guyger was the first to have been charged with the murder. She was also fired from the police force. The qualification will be increased to murder since Guyger at the time of the shooting, according to the public prosecutor’s office, at Jean’s womb in order to kill him. Her heavy, well-publicised trial was underway and would be expected to be for two weeks. Guyger is claiming that the death of Jean, was an accident and that she was in self-defense and acted, although it was based on his own mistake.