The mystery of the death of the writer albert Camus: why blame the KGB

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Nobel laureate in literature, albert Camus, one time close to the movement of the left, at the end of life passed in the opposite political camp and began to criticize socialism. According to one version, it cost him his life — saying that the accident that killed Camus, could adjust the KGB.

the Accident

the Writer died on 4 January 1960 during a trip from the southern town of Lourmarin to Paris. Camus was sitting in the passenger seat of the car Facel Vega 3B, driven by his friend Michel Gallimard. Initially, Camus had planned to return from Provence by train, but Gallimard offered him a ride. In the town of Villeblevin 104 km from the capital of France, the car suddenly went off the roadway and crashed into a sycamore tree. Fragments of the car scattered in radius of several tens of meters. 46-year-old Camus died at the scene, Gallimard also died in the hospital in a week. 2 more passengers — the wife and daughter Gallimore — miraculously survived. The investigation revealed that the car at the speed of 130 km/h burst the rear wheel. However, in the final report of the police this fact was not mentioned, and the cause of the accident was never established. The investigators could only state that the driver lost control on the icy road. This incident was one of the reasons for the fall in demand for cars Facel Vega, and 4 years later the manufacturer went bankrupt.

Russian trail

After the death of Camus admirers of his talent remembered that the object of constant criticism of the writer was the Soviet Union. Therefore, some of the French had a suspicion that the tragedy was not an accident. But actively on this topic in Europe have started talking only after 50 years when in the Western press, one after another began to appear publications.

the USSR really had a reason to dislike Camus. In the end 1950s, many representatives of the European intellectual elite sympathetic to the left, including Jean-Paul Sartre. “Dissent” popular at the time Camus, switched to the right position, could change the balance of political forces and to undermine the influence of the Communist party of France. In 1957, Camus wrote an article for the magazine Franc-Tireur, which criticized the suppression of the uprising by the Soviet Union in Hungary. The material contained attacks against individuals. In particular, the foreign Minister of the USSR Dmitry Shepilov French writer accused of “massacre”. The following year, Camus was an active advocate of Boris Pasternak, whom the Soviet government was forced to refuse the Nobel prize.

In 2011, the Italian scholar Giovanni Catelli published fragment of the diary of the Czech poet Jan Taken, in which he claimed to have spoken on the death of Camus, with well-informed people. Taken believed that the accident was engineered “Soviet spy” on the personal orders Shepilov.

“They have damaged the car tyre due to the complex device, which is cut or punctured tire at high speed,” described Taken the technology of murder. The Czechs could really be aware of the operation to remove a writer, because the KGB often used the Prague colleagues for “dirty work.”


opponents of the “theory of cloak and dagger,” noted that about any mysterious object used to puncture tyres, the investigative report of the speech was not. KGB agents, if they were really there, you had to follow a car writer, and when the accident has already occurred, pick up the device and escape without being seen.

the Biographer of the Nobel laureate, Robert Zaretsky, the newspaper “new York times” called the story of the machinations of the KGB and the “French madness”. Agree with him, and the philosopher Michel Onre, consider this story a malicious fabrication.

“Advice, perhaps, and would like to deal with Camus, but not like this,” added Onfree. Another researcher of the life and creativeof assets Camus, Oliver Todd, insisted that studied the Soviet archives, everything that could be relevant to the writer, but not found any instructions on premeditated murder. At the same time, Todd is not completely deny this possibility, because, in his opinion, “from the KGB it was possible to expect everything.”

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