The mystery of death Wrangel: was killed by

Biography 04/01/20 Mystery of death Wrangel: was killed by “Black Baron” by agents of the NKVD

According to the official version, the authoritative leader of the White movement died rapidly developed forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. However, many historians, researchers and relatives of the Baron Wrangel still believe that his death was of a violent nature.

a Strange accident on the water

As you know, the “black Baron” Peter Wrangel left Soviet Russia in 1920, after the Crimean Peninsula was seized by the Bolsheviks. With him into exile went, and several thousand of his supporters, soldiers and officers. Abroad, the head of the White movement launched a large-scale work aimed at dealing with the new government, established at home. Of course, even then, Wrangel realized that risking his own life. And events that only confirmed the suspicions of the Baron, was not long in coming.

at First, Peter Wrangel stayed in Entente-occupied Constantinople. The Baron and his family lived on the yacht “Lucullus”, standing at the roadstead in the Strait of Bosporus. There, according to Lev Lurie in his book “the 22 deaths, 63 versions”, was located and the headquarters of the Russian army. In mid-October 1921, the Italian vessel Adria abruptly changed course and crashed into the yacht Wrangel, which immediately sank. Interestingly, Adria went in flight from the Soviet Batumi. “Black Baron” saved by a miracle shortly before the accident, he along with his family members went ashore. The crash investigation of no to no avail.


However, the Wrangel waited for the trick completely different angle. The white General was afraid of poisoning. This was in the first days after the death of Wrangel said French edition ESO de Besides. If you believe the article in the paper, once the Baron said to one of his friends that he was going to take some action against their power, because he feared that he might be poisoned. The same version adhered and relatives Wrangel. Especially because, as he claims in his book “the Root of the nation. Note Russophile” Vladimir Osipov, “the black Baron” went to another world just at the moment of the rise of the anti-Bolshevik forces.

and the strange incident, which happened just a day before the aggravation of the disease Wrangel, too, raises more questions than answers. The fact that, according to the book by Armen Gasparian, “General Skoblin. Legend of Soviet intelligence”, in March, 1928, the Batman of Peter Nikolaevich, one of Jacob Wtihin asked Wrangel to take hold on his brother, who, as it turned out later, served on a Soviet ship as a sailor. Wrangel gave the nod. 18, when “brother” moved out, the Baron fell ill. This man, as suggested by a close white General, and could have put in the food Pyotr Nikolayevich poison that caused the rapid development of tuberculosis.

Or is it tuberculosis?

meanwhile, according to the famous historian Lev Lurie, Peter Wrangel began to feel bad even in the winter the same 1928. The Baron is a bit of a cold — the temperature was small, hurt General only long-term cough weakness Yes, that is quite typical symptoms of many diseases. However, on 8 March, the disease has begun. Now the temperature reached the highest marks. Dr. Weiner diagnosed in a patient an intestinal disease. The other doctor Ivan aleksinskiy was sure that Peter Nikolaevich was the flu.

After 3 days of aleksinskiy changed his mind. Together with Dr. Quartzes they conducted a thorough examination of Wrangell and realized that the situation is much worse than it seems — the “black Baron” revealed tuberculosis. Sputum analysis showed the presence of large number of bacilli. Every day Wrangel was getting worse. He raved: struggled to get up, “participated” in hostilities, “gave” infinite orders. 25 April, 1928, after a total of 38 days, Pyotr Wrangel scandalsme.

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