The main mystery of Heaven, why there is not eve bore Adam

History 19/02/20 the Main mystery of Heaven, why there is not eve bore Adam

Everyone knows the phrase, which God addressed the first people on earth. “Be fruitful, and multiply” – he said to Adam and eve (Gen 1:28), when they still dwelt in Paradise. However, during the stay of the first woman in Paradise she never gave birth to any child. How did this happen?

it is considered that the first-born of Adam and eve was the future killer of his brother Cain. Prelate Filaret argued that the birth of the first Cain can be explained by the fact that by the time his parents have not had time to repent and confess that they have committed sin. Indeed, at the time of birth of the eldest son of the first people have already been expelled by God from Paradise.

However, Eva was so excited about the baby that cried, “I have gotten a man from the Lord” (gen 4: 1). She even called the boy “the acquisition”. After all, the name “Cain” it is translated from the Hebrew. If eve actually found happiness in the person born of her son, why she didn’t follow the call of God to “be Fruitful, and multiply” (Gen 1:28) earlier, when she lived together with Adam in a better place, that is, before the expulsion from Paradise?

the Scripture says that the Creator told the first humans to populate the earth. “Multiply” – the Lord said (Genesis 1:28). St. Basil the Great argued that this call of God can be explained by the fact that his “creation was aimed at many people” and not just for the first couple. Thus, it appears that the Lord really wanted Adam and eve give birth to new people.

In fact, it is hard to imagine that Adam and eve disobeyed the Lord before the appearance of the serpent-tempter and did not fulfill God’s Covenant for reproduction. Otherwise, it is likely that there would have been necessarily mentioned in the Bible. Consequently, we can assume that eve has already had a child, when the Lord drove the ee and Adam from Paradise Kushch. Such version was sounded by the Professor of the Moscow theological Academy, father Andrei Kuraev in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” (No. 6172).

And how about the fact that the words about the appearance of a close relationship between the first man and the first woman in the Scripture right after the mention of the exile: “and Adam knew eve his wife; and she conceived” (Gen. 4:1)? Many commentators believe that this proposal should be understood in past tense, i.e. “the knowledge of eve” preceded the departure of the people of Paradise. This is also said Andrey Kuraev on pages of the edition “the Russian newspaper”.

However, none of the religious texts does not specify the exact number of days, months or years, during which Adam and eve lived in Paradise. This is due to the fact that the time in Paradise did not exist in principle. It is the time that mankind owes to the presence of death, which God created plants and animals first even suspected. So St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) wrote: “Plants were not subject to any decay or disease; and decay, and disease, and the tares appeared after the change of the earth after the fall of man”. Ignatius was seconded and Theophan the recluse: “… being created immortal, because of the sins of man had become mortal, for we of the incorruptible became corruptible”.

it turns Out that to determine the exact duration of stay of Adam and eve in Paradise is not possible. However, if we assume that the first people followed the Covenant of God on the propagation and conceived a child before the expulsion, eve gave birth to a son in heaven just because she went out with Adam for a few weeks. It turns out that the first people lived in Paradise for very long, at least, less than 9 months.

Yulia Popova

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