The main mysteries of the Afghan war, which are still not solved

History 09/02/20 the Main mysteries of the Afghan war, which are still not solved

Why did the Soviet Union joined this “foreign” war, for which he killed almost 20 thousand Soviet men on these issues even decades later, no official response.

Friendly help

the Soviet Union repeatedly and significantly helped the “friendly Communist regimes.” When in 1978 in Afghanistan, a coup d’état, the civil war began, the Afghan PDPA appealed to the USSR for help. The Afghan government repeatedly asked the Soviet Union about the introduction of troops, but the Soviet Politburo took this step not at once.

According to RIA Novosti, the leadership of the USSR in December 1979, took the decision to introduce a limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, fearing that military action in the Republic may cover the territory of the Central Asian republics of the Soviet Union. Between the USSR and Afghanistan the year before, was signed a “Treaty of friendship, neighbourliness and cooperation”, one of which included the possibility of providing the Soviet Union military assistance in case of aggravation of the political situation in the Republic. The decision to send troops was taken by the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee issued a secret resolution.

he recalled How the veteran GRU Leonid Medvedko, head of the intelligence Directorate Peter Ivashutin objected to the introduction of troops in Afghanistan, warning that the Soviet Union could get caught up in this military conflict as the United States in Vietnam, the same arguments led scientists-Orientalists, sent to Politburo of analytical report (their names Medvedkov not named). Medvedkov referred to the little-known fact: the US in late 70-ies had plans for a military invasion of Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan forced America to abandon this idea – the USSR had with Iran a cooperation agreement, could also send to this country of units of the regulartion of the army.

Children “shuravi”

the Newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” writes that it is still not known how many children were born from contacts Afghan girls and women with Soviet soldiers during their stay in the country 40th army-they can be from a few tens to hundreds. Such communication is strictly forbidden as military command and Islamic law the woman behind this dialogue with “infidels” could cut off his hands.

In the 90 years the vast majority of “children “shuravi” left Afghanistan for fear of persecution by the local population.

Amin was associated with the CIA

a Veteran of the KGB Valery Semonin claimed that the Afghan leader Amin was connected with US intelligence. The KGB officers have not provided any detailed information of when and under what circumstances he was recruited by the CIA. But the main confirmation of this collaboration was the notebook amine found after the storming of the Palace of the Afghan leader – it was written the phone number of the Central intelligence Agency.

Semonin also said that the headquarters of the Afghan army, which, together with the Soviet troops fought with the spooks, were never identified “mole” who informed on upcoming Mujahideen operations against them repeatedly was that after the nomination of personnel to the places where the gangs they were not found, although the intelligence information was correct.

the Afghan Mujahideen were preparing American intelligence agencies

According to Time magazine, the U.S. government began to help the Afghan Mujahideen under operation Cyclone from July 1979, and the volumes of financial support for gangs has reached 630 million dollars annually. The adviser of US President Jimmy Carter’s national security Zbigniew Brzezinski has repeatedly confirmed in interviews that America from 1979 to 1989 through Pakistan as a country-mediator funded the Afghan opposition and supplying weapons, particularly MANPADS “stinger.” In addition, the UK intelligence services of Saudi Arabia and China has trained more than 100 thousand Mujahideen for the war in Afghanistan and recruited volunteers for participation in armed formations on the side of the Afghan anti-government groups.

Experts call different numbers to the level of financial support for the Afghan opposition to Western countries, they amount to billions of dollars. US authorities and great Britain deny his help to Osama bin Laden. According to a British expert on Islamic extremism Jason Burke, bin Laden in those years, still lacked sufficient influence, and his forces numbered only a little more than a dozen Mujahideen.

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