The fortress Por-Bajin: where is the Russian Shambala

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In this Russian Republic is, even the village of Shambalyg, and the fortress of Por-Bajin island in the middle of Tere-Khol lake some call “the gates of Shambhala.”


American buddhologist, Ph. D., Harvard University Alexander Berzin claims that the Tibetan Shambhala etymology interprets as the abiding place of bliss.

people’s writer of Tuva Cerlic-ool Kuular, Recalling the stories of old residents of a small village (sumona) of Shambalyg (70 km from Kyzyl), talked about the legends of antiquity, linking the territory with grace, a sacred place, which anciently settled “people with a clean white bone.” Sumon officially appeared on the map of the USSR in the 60-ies of the last century, now in Shambalyg has about 600 inhabitants.
According to folk legend, in the place where now is located Shambalyg, in ancient times lived lamas (Holy men). Veteran of Ava Mongush, last first Secretary of the Communist party Erzinskiy district Coolaroo explained that the location of Shambalyg really very good – the land there is fertile, with a good climate.
Today, the neighborhood Shambalyg is one of the tourist attractions of Tuva, they are willing to attend the guests of the Republic. Near sumona is a religious building “Buddhist stupa”. The local shaman rose Nasik Dorgu shows everyone meters of stone, resembling trace of a human foot, the so-called “Footprint of Buddha”, and tells the ancient legends, according to which in this place is one of the entrances to Shambhala.:

Por-Bajin in the gateway to Paradise

This ancient fortress (archeologists date its XIII century) with an area of 3.5 hectares first opened to the scientific community in 1891, Russian ethnographer and archaeologist Dmitri Klements. Soviet scientists began to explore the Por-Bazhyn (in Tuvan “clay house”) in the middle the last century, the first expedition was headed by Professor ran Sevyan Weinstein. Since the beginning of zero on Por Bazhin the archaeological work intensified, a historical monument included in the program of the creation of this Park-fortress. Sevyan Weinstein confirmed that the remnants of such a fortress in Tuva no longer found, Por-Bajin is unique. Most likely, this strengthening at the time, burned down during the assault, and its defenders before it had time to go to a safe place, because human remains during excavations archeologists found.
Tuvan shamans are convinced that Por-Bajin is nothing like the North underground entrance to Shambhala. Director of the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian branch of the RAS academician Anatoly Derevyanko believes that Shambhala nor in Russia in General, nor in Tuva in particular, no, it is unscientific, not based on facts, hypotheses. Moreover, Derevianko sure: Shambhala – the same mythical land like Atlantis. Therefore, to develop the topic (including, for engaging in Por-Bajin tourists), the scientist thinks it’s hopeless.
Where in the USSR was looking for Shambhala
the Russian historian Victor Brachev wrote that the employee of the special Department of the OGPU Alexander Barchenko in the early 30-ies in the composition of secexmail visited the Altai. According to various sources (documentary, they are not confirmed), he brought from there a map of the entrance to Shambhala. In the materials of the criminal case opened in 1937 in respect of Barchenko and charged with creating a counterrevolutionary organization, there is the mention of Shambhala in the title of this anti-Soviet group.
the special Department of the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD, initially created for the protection of state secrets from foreign spies, were also engaged in search of ancient civilizations on the territory of the USSR (in particular, Hyperborea). As he wrote in the book “Occult Stalin,” Anton Pervushin in 1937 this division was dramatically “cleaned” – and the head of Gleb Bokii, and most of his subordinates, including Alexander Barchenko, shot.
Information about that in the coming next decadesia in the Soviet Union has made any official attempt to find Shambhala, no. However, according to his Holiness the Dalai Lama, and it is not given to everyone to see. If only karma and the mind of man, then the chance to discover the mysterious country-there’s a heaven. But for the rest it will remain a mystery.

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