The fate of the Russian wife of the President of Finland, Carl Mannerheim

Biography 02/02/20 the fate of the Russian wife of the President of Finland, Carl Mannerheim

As you know, the President of Finland, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, in his time served in the Russian army. Then he married Anastasia Arapova, the daughter of a Russian major-General Nikolai Arapov. Despite the fact that arranged marriages some people believe the strongest, the joint life of Mannerheim difficult to name a happy. Carl almost openly cheated on Anastasia. In the end the relations between the spouses soured, and Arapov went abroad.


Perhaps one of the main reasons that marriage with Mannerheim Arapova did not work, was the fact that the future President married a Russian girl purely for personal gain. In 1887 Carl Mannerheim arrived in the Nikolaev cavalry school in St. Petersburg. By the time parents Mannerheim went bankrupt, and a tiny salary was enough only for the Essentials. However, Charles led a very active social life, common to all guards. Writes Alexander Kling in his book “the Mannerheim and the blockade. The forbidden truth about Finnish Marshal”, thanks to Mannerheim quickly got into debt. The way out of this situation there was only one profitable marriage.

And soon Gustav was lucky: he met the daughter of major-General Nikolai Arapov. By the time Anastasia’s father has died, and she was the owner of a rich dowry. The best option I could come up with. In 1892 Arapova was the lawful wife of Carl Mannerheim, and he quickly paid off the debts and began to squander a vast fortune of his wife. He participated in the race, was having a good time at social events, had an affair, resting in French resorts. However, at the Riviera Mannerheim still went along with Anastasia and children.

a Family life and having children

the First daughter gave birth to Anastasia Arapova in a few mnazev after the wedding. The girl was named the same as the mother. In 1894 Anastasia Nikolaevna was back in position. However, this pregnancy ended for her tragedy. If you believe Tamara Krasheninnikova and A. Wexler, authors of the book “Such an amazing Ligovka”, the boy died in childbirth. Despite the fact that the relationship between the spouses has already started to deteriorate, mainly because numerous Hobbies Carl Mannerheim (among his lovers were and Countess Elizabeth Shuvalova), in 1895, the couple had another daughter Sophia.

Anastasia Nikolaevna continued to endure an expensive hobby of the spouse, and sometimes even supported them. As Eleanor writes Joffe in his book “the Mannerheim Line. Letters and documents of mystery and discovery”, in order to meet the growing appetites of her husband, which greatly exceeded the family income, Arapova had to sell the estate Uspenskoe mansion, Moscow. This is despite the fact that Mannerheim steadily moved up the ladder. In 1900 he received his first award the Order of St. Anna. In the same year Arapova, after graduating from a nursing course and leaving children in the care of relatives, suddenly left home.

Divorce and the departure abroad

the Way Anastasia Nikolaevna lay to the far Eastern border, where Russian troops then participated in the suppression of the boxer rebellion, the rebellion of Chinese people against foreign interference in the politics of their state. Arapova returned home exhausted, with a serious leg fracture. A few weeks Anastasia had to stay in bed. It would seem that the family was again reunited, got a second wind. At least, Carl Mannerheim was seriously concerned about the health of his wife. Their experiences Mannerheim shares with his brother in letters Dating from December 1901. But in the subsequent letters of Gustav begins less and less to mention about your family.

And the thing is that in 1903 Anastasia Nikolaevna took the kids and left for permanent residence inabout France. Apparently, after a trip to the far East, the woman felt a certain confidence. She officially divorced Mannerheim only 16 years later. And, as a result of the division of property Carl even took one name Arapova. However, subsequently, Mannerheim had his ex-wife all sorts of assistance, especially when she became seriously ill. Anastasia Nikolaevna died in Paris in 1936 at the age of 64 years.

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