The experiment in Italian, in the Series

In the championship of Italy on football ready to go on a new experiment, which will affect the coaches. Now in Serie A it will be possible to resort to artificial intelligence, and mentors will be able to work with a special program “Virtual trainer”.

Representatives of the top division of the Italian championship, I want to pioneer innovation and the use of artificial intelligence, informs TV channel “Russia 24”. Therefore, in the Apennines, and have used the Virtual Coach, the assistant coach.

“Right during the match would be a causal connection between what is happening on the field. The actions of the players will be analyzed from the point of view of movement, distance, speed and selection for transfer. Ride with these indicators will come to the tablet.”

celebrated In Italy – the data will be automatically updated every 40 milliseconds.

it is Implied that through this program will make it easier for the coaches job. The analytical program used in football, however, as a rule, work with statistical data was the prerogative of analysts and assistants. Thanks to the Virtual Coach, all data will be delivered to coaches during the game directly, without a third party.”

However, at present, the organizers of the Series “A” there is skepticism and while on the coaching benches not noticed any mentor with the tablet. Part of the football community in Italy believes that the future for technology, the other part believes that nothing can replace human experience, knowledge and coaching genius.