The death of the bard Alexander Galich: to blame the KGB

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the Writer Alexander Galich, who made a successful literary career, abruptly changed his fate at the end of the Khrushchev “thaw” began to write songs of dissident content. In 1977, in a strange accident he died in, according to one version, he was killed by KGB agents.

Deadly antenna

the Body of Alexander Galich was discovered in his apartment in Paris on 15 December 1977. That day he attended the local Bureau of radio Liberty, where he worked as a head of the culture Department. Bard has recorded new year’s greetings and a new song “For someone else’s grief”, and also complained to colleagues of feeling unwell. Supposedly he was sick with the flu. Later in the company of Andrei Sinyavsky Galich went to the store and bought an antenna for previously purchased stereos “Grundig”. He had to catch radio Moscow, then to the Soviet comment on the events in “Freedom”.

after Returning home, Alexander Abramovich sent his wife angelina for food, and he at that time began to fasten the antenna to the newly unpacked equipment. Returning, wife found dead Galic. In his fist he had clamped the antenna and the hand was black with strips of charred skin.

the French investigation, which, according to biographers of the poet, was conducted superficially and hastily, returned a verdict — accident Galicia occurred during the performance of “official duties”. This version was publicly supported by many colleagues of the bard, to get the company “Grundig” to pay a large compensation to the widow of the writer, which was done.

“Technical illiteracy” or “hand of Moscow”?

the Russian immigrants did not believe that the cause of death of Galicia has become a common short circuit. Moreover, the immediate witnesses of incident were not.

“I doubt very much that he died from a simple accident. I’m sure that dealt with it,” claimed Vladimir Voinovich.

the 59-year-old Galich could not so bad to understand the technology to prevent a tragic mistake. Note that the version of personal negligence and technical illiteracy of the owner of the stereo defended lawyers “Grundig”. Even being in a darkened state of consciousness because of illness, he had not mixed up the aerial socket with an electric outlet. In the opinion of friends, Galic was a great experience of handling equipment — for many years he collected radios and televisions repaired.

the bard’s Daughter Alena Arkhangelsk-Galich also believed that in the circumstances of the death of her father, much is unclear. The techs had assured her that the shock is not able to cause burns of the hands, as in the European electricity grid for too low voltage.

the KGB was more than enough cause for the murder of the poet. Official Soviet press was ranked Galic to the number of “radiodiversiya imperialism.” Stream his songs on the radio “Freedom” to undermine the citizens ‘ trust in the Communist system. In December 1975, the aged mother of Alexander Galich in Russia received an anonymous warning that “the decision” to kill her son. The elimination of objectionable public figures was not something exceptional in the practice of the KGB of the Brezhnev era. Biographer Alexander Galich Michael Aronov believes that the bard could be resolved technically complex way. He cites the following evidence of dissident Vladimir Batsheva:

“who Fled in the early 70-ies of the Soviet spy told me that long armed KGB has a weapon that the appearance is no different from a capacitor in the radio. After he disengages his discharge in the one who touched him, it cannot be distinguished from other parts of a radio (or tape player, or gramophone)”.

Subsequently, many have heard of security staff claim that Galic was killed but without any details. Access to the criminal case on the death of Alexander Galich was restricted by the French police for 50 years. This means that new information that can shed light on this incident can only be expected in 2027.

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