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special Forces “alpha” deservedly is one of the most professional units not only in the USSR but in the world. To become the fighter of special troops of the KGB, the applicant had not only to possess certain knowledge and excellent physical fitness, but also to respond to the many moral and psychological criteria.

the Elite anti-terror

a Secret unit of the KGB Group “A” was established in July 1974 on the initiative of the head of Department Yury Andropov. Before the Olympics in Moscow remained six years, and nobody wanted a repeat of the events of the Games in Munich, when the victims of the terrorist attacks were 11 Israeli athletes.

the Main task of “alpha” was the fight against terrorism, but the division was determined by military and political objectives. Baptism group was the famous storming of Amin’s Palace in Kabul in December 1979.

This task force quickly became a real elite of the Soviet army and intelligence services, it was directly subordinate to the Secretary General and the leadership of the KGB. To serve in the group with the letter “A” wanted by many, but for this it was necessary to pass a severe selection.

Tall, strong, with a perfect biography

to get to the unit could only career officer of the KGB. The candidate must have received a recommendation from a current or former employee of intelligence services and better from a few.

Applicants for membership in the alpha it was necessary to have a perfect biography. His personal business was checked: it should not be any penalties and violations, rewards and encouragement of his superiors was welcomed.

had the value and age: to get into the special forces could the staff not older than 30 years. In special cases (combat experience, high reward) could be exceptions.

Another criterion is growth: he had to be below 175 centimeters. It’s all about the armor of impressive dimensions, which were “alfovtsy”. In short, she would just drag on the ground.

Veteran units Nikolay Kalitkin in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” and remember that to get into the alpha without serious achievements in sport was difficult. According to him, the unit served as Champions of the USSR in Boxing, wrestling, track and field athletes, ice skaters, including Olympic competitors.

If you want to be in the special forces – train!

After selection began physical testing of applicants. It consisted of two phases: the delivery standards and hand to hand combat. The first consisted of a distance of three kilometers, which was supposed to run in 10 minutes 30 seconds and a sprint (12 seconds). After a short break, followed by tests in the gym, the bar (at least 25 times), flexion (90 times in two minutes), pushups (90 times).

the Commission strictly followed the technique of performing each exercise. If, in the opinion of the host, the applicant made it vague and with errors (for example, flexion of the back during push-UPS from the floor), then it does not count. While rest between each exercise almost was not.

After the physical test followed melee. Rival bidder could be anyone from staff members. There were times when a 75-pound candidate exhibited “alfovtsa” weighing 100 pounds.

Defeat was not necessary. The Commission first of all assessed the activity of the prospective employee, his acumen, tenacity, desire to win, ability and desire to fight to the end even in a hopeless situation.

Nervous should not be here

the Next stage is the examination by a psychologist. The candidate must have possessed iron nerves, high stress tolerance. Studied his temperament, character. The result of a psychological study lay on the table the higher authorities.

in addition, the applicant checked on the polygraph. Thus was revealed the “dark spots” in his biography: harmful habits, addiction to alcohol or drugs, immoral tendencies.

a shoulder of a companion

the emphasis was on the ability of the candidate to work in a team, his inclination to trust other people. Service in the special forces is a collective work where the fore mutual assistance, confidence in teammates and trust each other. “Alfonzo” we need to be sure that he can always rely on a fellow officer.

Future “alfovets” without thinking could go on a deadly risk for the sake of his comrades. The feeling of cohesion and teamwork was, and still is one of the main components of the success of A group.

With the permission of the family

After completing all formalities came the last stage. Commanders-“alfovtsy” acquainted with the parents and wives of candidates. Frankly and without embellishment, they told the relatives about all the difficulties of service in the division. The fact is that without the permission of relatives candidate to serve in group A could not.

It was associated with an increased risk of service in the “alpha”. Special forces were sent to the most critical areas of work, the soldiers put his life in serious danger. The result of a conversation with the relatives was going to be their written consent to the service of the candidate in group “A”. Only after that he was officially enlisted into the unit.

Ivan Proshkin

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