That the KGB were looking for Marshal Zhukov during the search in 1948

History 12/02/20 That the KGB was looking for Marshal Zhukov during the search in 1948

In January 1948 in the country of Marshal of the Victory Georgy Zhukov, in the suburban village of Rublevo was searched. Of course, without the knowledge of Stalin it was impossible. Why Stalin needed to search the country its most illustrious and popular commander?

the fact that Stalin because of the popularity of Zhukov began to suspect his political ambitions (it is then called “Bonapartism”). In the end, because the American General Dwight Eisenhower became in the end a politician and the President of the United States, so that beetles could theoretically covet political fame! Obviously, during a search looking for clues that would indicate his conspiratorial plans: some lists of the underground, banned books or draft documents for publication after allegedly planned coup. But nothing found — Marshal was pure and devoted to the cause of communism and Stalin. However, according to the search Protocol (see “Military archives of Russia”. M., 1993), did find a lot of interesting trophies taken from defeated Germany.

“wool, silk, brocade, Panne and other materials – a total of over 4000 metres;

furs – sable, monkey, Fox, Kotikova, karakoleva, Astrakhan – 323 skins;

Euro [approx.: thin leather for shoes] the highest quality – 35 skin;

expensive rugs and tapestries of large dimensions, taken from the Potsdam, etc. the palaces and houses of Germany – a total of 44 pieces.

valuable paintings classical paintings of large dimensions in the artistic part is just 55 pieces […]

expensive sets, dining and tea ware (porcelain art decoration, crystal) – 7 large boxes;

sets silver table and tea appliances – 2 drawer…”

in Addition, beetles were kept even and 8 expensive accordions, 20 uniqueMecca hunting rifles, a lot of valuable German books, gold and silver jewelry (hundreds of articles, only one of the silver 30 kg), vases, figurines and more. The cottage itself was furnished with expensive furniture, Marshall and his family ate with the trophy utensils, etc. Anything Soviet in the country Zhukov did not use, because foreign things had nowhere to go. Expensive paintings hung even in the kitchen, and two paintings depicting naked women hung over the bed of the commander.

Who made the search and signed the Protocol? This man was Minister of state security of the USSR General Viktor Semyonovich Abakumov. Trophy dirt on Zhukov allowed them to control the Marshal and to prevent its possible political activity. As the country has not discovered anything that would indicate political unreliability of the commander, Stalin forgave him.

of Course, it was clear that this whole search — Comedy. All everyone knew that the Soviet generals returned from war with empty hands. For example, Marshal Konev took with them part of the famous Dresden gallery. In addition to Zhukov, the trophies in great numbers found and confiscated from his friends, the generals and Telegin Kryukov. Both of them, and also spouse Kryukov, singer Lydia Ruslanova, was arrested, “Roy” under Zhukov hole. CC Marshall “slapped” a reprimand for the illegal awarding Ruslanova order of the Patriotic war. Seven “Zhukovsky” wagons from Germany went to him to the country, the MGB had known since 1946 and reported to comrade. Stalin. But it was only in 1948 that thing “hyped”. In addition to the search, was arrested the aide-de-camp of Marshal, Semochkin who confirmed that Zhukov brought in the USSR mountain of trophies. The search Protocol, formally arranged for illegally exported from Germany jewelry, Abakumov also sent to Stalin.

the Marshal of the Victory had to explain to the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), and write two days later after a search that he is “greedy”, “sought to assign the captured values” and that he admits the “serious mistake that a lot of coopIl for family…” and considers himself guilty of not turning “junk”. Beetles were justified, that everything discovered good, as he allegedly believed would be the MGB, like the cottage itself. And most importantly, he claimed that “in fact, never was a bad servant of the party, the Motherland and the great Stalin.”

Apparently, those words of Stalin was quite satisfied, and the game started and Abakumov to L. Beria vs Zhukov failed. Abakumov and Beria obviously themselves are not devoid of political ambitions and wanting to please Stalin, I guess the suspicions of the leader in respect of the commander and at the same time and cleaned competitor in the upcoming struggle for power (everyone knew that Stalin was already old and long). Besides, Abakumov appropriated portion of the detected Zhukov jewelry (see Gromov A. “beetles. The UPS and downs and unknown pages of the life of the great Marshal”). The disgraced Marshal of the Victory for his “partisan” behavior and “trophy case” was sent to command the Urals military district.

Only in 1952 Stalin Zhukov returned and entered the Central Committee of the Communist party, convinced of his loyalty. Zhukov on Stalin’s evil did not keep, said it was “Beria fueled” the chief of jealousy for his glory years and why it happened. Zhukov believed that Stalin wanted to appoint him defense Minister, but died, not having time to do it. By the way, the Marshal had not as bad as his buddies arrested for collecting compromising information on him. So, the singer Lydia Ruslanova was released from Vladimir Central soon after Stalin’s death, and she returned to Moscow (by the way, even under pressure and not giving Zhukov the right Abakumov’s testimony). And Zhukov had to get a new disgrace, this time Khrushchev… But even more not be good Alone, for political repression were executed in 1954.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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