That modern Germans are talking about soldiers of the army of Paulus

History 19/02/20 That modern Germans are talking about soldiers of the army of Paulus

during the battle for Stalingrad, the Soviet Union lost in killed and wounded, 1.3 million soldiers. Germany and its allies – Romania, Italy, Hungary, Finland and Croatia – the battle for the city of Stalin was 1.5 million killed, wounded and prisoners. The defeat at Stalingrad was for the Germans the biggest tragedy in which they see the soldiers of the Wehrmacht casualties.

the Modern inhabitants of Germany are of his countrymen hungry, dressed in rags, cold and exhausted people, who are destined to go to hell Soviet captivity. The Germans did not remember the well-fed and well-armed soldiers, who in the summer of 1942 was preparing for the battle for the city.

the Army of martyrs

the Son of Martin Bormann, one of the leaders of Nazi Germany recalled: “I remember crushed by the news Germany, the grim face, half-mast flags with swastikas. I could not believe, do Russians buried in the snow of our best warriors? With time came knowledge about atrocities of the SS, and about the concentration camps, and clarity, that may 9 is not a defeat. But Stalingrad is still a grim picture in the minds of the Germans. Soldiers of Paulus considered not occupiers and victims of war.”

wolf Hess, the son of another famous Nazi Rudolph Hess on this topic called: Stalingrad – something terrible, an octopus from the depths of the ocean, pity for the victims, there are the Germans feel even the anti-fascists. Modern Germans sincerely condemn the crimes of the German army and the SS, but Stalingrad for their personal sorrow of their people. Soldiers of the 6th army led by Friedrich Paulus perceived as sufferers, pay for the Imperial ambitions of Hitler.

a Great influence on the formation of such a view of the past was the German film “Stalingrad”, released in 1993. In this division of good and funny German soldiers from warm Italy to the abominable Stalingrad. All the men die in the course of the battle, and the latter two freeze to death in the desert.

“Kill indiscriminately and wounded, and prisoners,”

While the Germans did not ask myself the question, what did their troops in the midst of the Russian plains, and as they showed themselves at the beginning of the battle. So, a former infantryman Dieter Birts, who was lucky to survive the battles on the Volga, recalled that the command conveyed to them the orders of the führer to erase Stalingrad from the face of the earth. The veteran said: “I saw our planes bombed not only the factory with the stations, but also schools, kindergartens, trains with refugees. It seemed to us, is to take the city, and the war ends, the Russians will surrender. My colleagues, mad with rage, killed indiscriminately and wounded, and prisoners.”

in Addition to the soldiers on both sides in Stalingrad and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. At the beginning of the battle of the 400 thousand people to evacuate was only 100 thousand. The first bombing killed at least 90 thousand inhabitants, and half of the buildings were destroyed. More victims were caused by a particular approach of German aircraft to fulfill the tasks set before them.

After high-explosive bombs on the city rained incendiary charges, which created a fiery vortex that burns everything in its path. Immediately after the liberation of Stalingrad it was the census. According to her, survived 10 thousand people, of which 994 were children.

In 1943, Winston Churchill gave the USSR the Sword of Stalingrad, forged by order of king George. On its blade was written: “the Citizens of Stalingrad, strong as steel. From king George VI in token of the homage of the British people.” At the time of transfer of the weapon to Stalin at the Tehran conference present at a hall, US President Franklin Roosevelt said, “Truly they had hearts of steel”.

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