That meant the lettering on the planes and tanks of the red Army

History 07/02/20 Which meant the lettering on the planes and tanks of the red Army

No special permissions for writing on the fuselages of aircraft or tanks during the war were not required. The only thing you need to do is to agree on a motto or the name of a political worker. At least, so claimed the source Artem Drabkin, author of the book “I fought in the tank”, Dmitriy Fedorovich Loza. It is not surprising that such inscriptions were very diverse in content.

Common mottos

Probably the most common inscriptions that decorated the fuselage of the aircraft, the armor of tanks and other equipment known to everyone. They are mentioned in most sources. So, Vyacheslav Lixo, author of the book “Tanks”, says that tanks inflicted slogans and slogans “For the Motherland!” or “Death to fascism!”. Such inscriptions as: “go Forward!” “Bey fashistov!”, “For The Fatherland!”, “For our Soviet Motherland!”, “For Victory!” also met quite often. But there were more than original copies. For example, according to Irina Sakharova, the author of the book “the Art of battle formation: memoirs, diaries, essays”, featured the slogan: “Soviet art!”

there were more specific labels relating to the then leader of the country or, for example, names of cities. So, Kuzma Belokon mentions in his documentary novel “In burning skies” the inscription on the fuselage “For Stalin!”. Such phrases, too, were not uncommon, and often they coexisted with the motto “For the Motherland!”. Abram Boers in the book “Your hero, Leningrad, 1941-1944” tells the story of the inscriptions on the plane “For Leningrad”. It should be noted that not forget the Soviet soldiers and their main geographical target – Berlin. So paint taken out of the war machines, “A Berlin!” or “Forward to Berlin!”.

Slogans, devoted to family and friends

Some planes and tanks had on Board the motto, is dedicated to diedPWM or seriously wounded relatives, friends or comrades. In the middle of the great Patriotic war at the front were tanks with the words “For Zina Tusnolobova!”. How to write A. P. Krivoruchko and V. T. Roshchupkin in his book “Secret and obvious. The collapse of the Nazi plans for world domination”, in 1943, medical orderly Zinaida Tusnolobova that saved the lives of 128 soldiers were seriously wounded and remained disabled. Once she arrived at the Sverdlovsk factory and asked the workers to make more tanks. Those so inspired by the visit of the girl that began to produce 5 tanks over the plan, each of which sported a sign “For Zina Tusnolobova!”.

a Similar motto, written on the forward fuselage of his plane and pilot Yuri Nemtsevich. Here are just Nemcevicius happened is another story. The fact that the plane, which was his wife Serafima Sitnik, was destroyed by the Nazis. Nemtsevich was sure that the wife died, so he brought in his aircraft “For SIM rush!”. However, according to Tamara Kozhevnikova and Marina Popovich in the publication “Life – eternal rise”, Seraphim was alive: she just moved to the side of the Germans.

the Names of military vehicles

there are cases when pilots, tank crews and other soldiers decorated their combat machines are not mottos, but just the names of fallen comrades. For example, in the publication “Heroes of fire years: essays on its residents – heroes of the Soviet Union” the history of pilot Ivan Grachev. During one of the battles Grachev lost his slave Pavel Bolshakov. Ivan himself was wounded, but returned to action. After his recovery, he began to fly the MiG-3. In memory of the friend Grachev was written on the fuselage of the aircraft its name: “Paul S. Bolshakov”.

In the same publication is mentioned and the attack Yuri Zykov. He lost his friend, the squadron commander Vasily Filippov. Yuri was so shocked and angered by the loss that brought on the fuselage of his plane, the word “Avenger”. Unfortunately, Zykov, too, did not survive. He is TDGIB in February 1944, in the Gomel region. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

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