That grandfather of Mikhail Gorbachev sitting in the Gulag

Biography 12/01/20 For what the grandfather of Mikhail Gorbachev sitting in the Gulag

Under the roller of Stalin’s repressions, not only were both of my grandfather’s last General Secretary of the CPSU, but also grandparents of his wife, Raisa Titarenko. Both ancestor Gorbachev returned to his homeland after serving their sentences, and Petro Tytarenko was shot in 1937.

“counter-revolutionary” and “saboteur”

According to information posted on the official website of the Gorbachev Foundation (this is a brief biographical information), the grandfather of Gorbachev’s mother, Pantelei Gopkalo, in 1937 was arrested on charges of involvement in the “right-Trotskyist counterrevolutionary organization.” More than a year he spent under investigation, Pantelei Gopkalo, the interrogations were tortured and abused him, beating out a confession. However, after 14 months of the arrested were released under the patronage of the assistant Prosecutor of Stavropol.

All charges against Gopkalo was eventually removed and a year after returning to his native village, Privolnoye, he even was elected Chairman of the collective farm.

the Grandfather of the future Secretary-General’s father, Andrei Gorbachev, to the Soviet government were treated less loyal. From joining the collective farm refused, led to the sole agriculture on the farm. During the famine of 1933 in a family of Gorbachev from extreme exhaustion died three children of six. And the next year arrested the head of the family – according to the indictment, Andrei Gorbachev sabotaged the plan of sowing grain, not passing the state required pounds of seed.

Two years grandfather Gorbachev brought down the forest near Irkutsk. Awarded for the shock work, returned home prematurely. The farm he eventually did come. As he writes in his book Nikolay Zenkovich, a former head of the press center of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Andrei Gorbachev Privolnoye native led the pig farm.

the Secretary General himself read the case of the arrested grandfathers

it was Mikhail Gorbachev says in his autobiographical book “Life and reforms”, published almost a fourthth century ago. The Secretary General the child lived in the family Pantelei Gopkalo, and remembers being arrested. The house then Gorbachev began to ignore the villagers were afraid of charges in connection with the relatives of the repressed.

According to Mikhail Gorbachev, he, as a senior party figure, was able to request the deeds of their grandfathers repressed, but decided it is only in 1991. Gorbachev archival materials provided by order of the KGB Chairman Vadim Bakatin.

As the materials of the criminal case instituted against Pantelei Gopkalo, told him earlier arrested the Chairman of the Executive Committee. That, in turn, accused the head of the secret right-Trotskyist counterrevolutionary organization. Unable to withstand much torture, the official said, more than 50 names of alleged participants in an imaginary underground group. Among the agreed and turned Pantelei Gopkalo, who led in 1937 raizemedia.

In the book “Life and reforms” are excerpts from the interrogation Pantelei Gopkalo. Guilty, he categorically did not recognize, although the investigator insisted on giving “truthful testimony”. It is noteworthy that the criminal case has reached the indictment. Gopkalo was accused of the failure of the grain harvest, the deliberate destruction of cattle by reducing its prey base (this was expressed in the cultivation of hay meadows). Also former chief of sizemodel was accused of inhibiting the development of the collective-farm movement Stakhanovite allegedly Gopkalo did not allow them to turn out in full force.

All of this Pantelei Gopkalo, according to the investigators, worked in the kolkhoz “Red October” on the instructions of the most counter-revolutionary organization, undermining the collective economic power. Similar allegations had been made against Peter Parade, grandfather Raisa Titarenko, wife of Mikhail Gorbachev. The parade was shot by order of the Troika.

Gorbachev writes that, most likely, and Gopkalo was waiting for the same fate if the resolution of the assistant Prosecutor of the Stavropol territory angleOnoe it is not retrained with the “political” 58th article 109-Yu (misconduct) – the employee of the Supervisory body considered that the accused “pulls” of the Trotskyist. After cleaning the Stavropol NKVD Pantelei Gopkalo was released.

… the reason for the arrest of the second grandfather of Mikhail Gorbachev’s father in the book “Life and reforms” set out almost the same as on the website of the Gorbachev Foundation, for more details concerning the shown to Andrey Gorbachev charges, in the biography of the last General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party there.

Pantelei Gopkalo, died on 59 year of life, Andrei Gorbachev has lived to 72 years.

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