That Alexander Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned in the GULAG

01/01/20 history that Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s the GULAG put

Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn have always been a dissident and well-known in the USSR and beyond writer. He was born in 1918 in a peasant family from Kislovodsk. ROS, as a large part of the population in poverty was, according to the recollections of friends and acquaintances, “all.” The great Solzhenitsyn studied at Rostov state University at mathematics and could become a graduate student and a scientist, but the training ended just in 1941. The Great Patriotic war. The young Solzhenitsyn was already interested in politics and history when she got to the front.

In 1942, after studying at the artillery school, he started fighting the way the Lieutenant Solzhenitsyn: the Bryansk earth, eagle, East Prussia… In 1944, he was already promoted to the rank of captain and had the order of the red Star and the order of the Patriotic war II degree. But the veteran, in addition to thinking about the military achievements, and thought about how society and the state. Studying Marxism-Leninism and comparing his ideals with reality, the future writer came to the conclusion that Stalin “distorts” Leninism. His anti-Stalinist thoughts Solzhenitsyn lightly shared in correspondence with his school friend Nikolai Witkiewicz. In the letters one could easily guess, you are talking about, though the name “Stalin” Solzhenitsyn and substituted in the text by the nickname “the Godfather”. Regulations in the “Tillage”, captain-artillery (model officer, by the way!) compared with the serfdom of old Russia and considered it necessary after the war to follow Lenin’s behests.

the Biographer of Solzhenitsyn, A. Ostrovsky (“Solzhenitsyn. Farewell to the myth”. M., 2006), writes that the first Solzhenitsyn said that it “slandered”, but then admitted that he wrote anti-Stalinist letter expletives like “sheep” about Stalin (and with materkom). Of course, military censorship of these letters is not considered very good. February 9, 1945 G. “SMERSH” was arrested Solzhenitsyn (then arrested and for 10 years planted, and Witkiewicz). He was stripped of his rank of captain, was interrogated and sentenced to 8 years in labor camps and eternal link for anti-Soviet activities. In addition, Solzhenitsyn was accused that he created an anti-Soviet youth group and amassing the appropriate organization. Then followed the camp, “sharashka”… Until 1956, when he was released (and later exonerated) and was allowed to work. After prison, Solzhenitsyn became a writer with the national, Orthodox views of betraying Leninism finally.

However, the above-described version of events – not the only-or, at least, incomplete. Still closed archival materials of the case, so this opens up room for speculation. Ostrovsky indicates that Witkiewicz and Solzhenitsyn too long and openly criticized Stalin without thinking about the conspiracy and knowing the possible consequences of his words. Thus, the question arises – why provoke the NKVD and “look for trouble”? Perhaps this was done on purpose: better to let off the rear, even if in exile or in camps, but do not have to die in the war, and even at such a young age. This kind of “bow” under the impact of political repression. Maybe Solzhenitsyn really was so stupid then, because really, him as an officer of the artillery, the deadly danger threatened much less than, for example, the pilot or infantryman of the red army.

But I doubt he was naive and didn’t understand what was happening, yet his intellectual level clearly excludes such a possibility. Writer Vladimir Bushin (“Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a genius of the first spit”, 2005) also believes that it was a “bow” made Solzhenitsyn for fear of dying at the front (by the way, to the front, Solzhenitsyn, and not eager in the beginning of the war). Bushin wrote that the NKVD could not do otherwise: “What could I do first to employees of military censorship, read a bunch of “seditious pitem” Solzhenitsyn, and then the employees of counterintelligence […], if they want to be censors and counterintelligence, and not retired ballerinas”. All compounded by the fact that the captain of the red army he cursed his commander in chief (whom Stalin was at the time). And this situation was obvious – none of the military censor in any army, whether English, German or Soviet, I couldn’t miss this. It was a calculation and it worked. Arrest and camp away from the frontline of danger. Solzhenitsyn thought that the Red army will stop at the victory over Germany, there was a war coming with the United States, Britain and France, which means that the odds of dying is very high. He was close, not only managed to foresee that this war will be “cold” and die millions do not have.

While the data are too few to fully confirm this version, but maybe the future opening of the archives of the FSB will be closed and the question about the true history of the arrest of Solzhenitsyn. Perhaps the way the “great writer” started with simple cowardice.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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