The Style of Her hand-made rugs, travel around the world and show off to the world’s most glamorous homes. They are available for purchase from New York to Dubai to Chicago. Self-searching She was Boxy, it’s not that far away. At the workshop, and a dwelling-house in Deurle, she has enough of them. A glimpse at the two beautiful worlds into one. Your studio and home are both located in Deurle,
it is not a coincidence?

“My family’s history is intertwined with that of the village. We are a family of gevaert’s that gevaert’s Museum Gevaert-Minne. My great-grandmother, a feminist avant la lettre, was one of the first cars in Deurle, was a genuine child of nature. Deurle-belgium was always going to be an exception to the rule. In the city of Sint-Martens-Latem, there was a commune of hippies from all over the world. Scholars, artists, and macrobiotics followers, zelfsJapanse site. Datbohemiensfeertje fits in well with us. We have quite a peculiar way. We have to live according to our own nature. A friend of the family says, is always that we have a case study on it.”