Antwerp, In the weekly voetbalpodcast < / i> MIDMID onthultSteven Superior (31), in detail, how the transfer to the Gaffer it came about. “In fact, I saw it at the beginning of the summer, with a return to Belgium is not in it.”

The collection of Steven’s Superior at the zomermercato underlined the ambition from the Gaffer. In the voetbalpodcast < / i> MIDMID , the 52 times that of the Red-Devil from the scheme of how the transition to a Great Old was good or not. “I thought I kuitblessure a month, or five at the end would be”, writes the Superior of his story. “I was able to prepare at Burnley to see that. But kwetsure did not stay long. If I have the physical English league, yet, could, was, at the time, both by myself and by the club should be called into question.”

“At the end of the transfer enabled Burnley to me, then, the question of whether or not a solution could be sought. Actually, I saw it at the beginning of the transfer of a return to Belgium is not real, but because they injured me and continued to chase I started to think: what can I do to get my career back on track? As a tip, when it came down to it, it turned out, Antwerp is the best solution for you.”