Another 04/01/20 “Stuttgarta sadist”: what happened to the overseer of the concentration camps Hertha Bothe

Gert Botha will forever remain in history as one of the most brutal Nazi guards looked on. However, unlike her colleagues, Jenny-Wanda of Barkmann, “Stadthofsaal sadistic bitch” managed to avoid the death penalty. The funeral of Gert Botha has lived a fairly long life. Until the end of his days, she didn’t regret it and even actively justified.

the Athlete and the nurse

Hertha Lange, Gertrude (maiden name for her) was born in 1921 in the city of Teterow. There the father Hertha had their own enterprise for wood processing, where in his youth and worked for a future sadist. All free from work in the family business time Lange was devoted to sport.

the Girl had a high growth and exceptional endurance. Such data allowed Hertha to win more victories for the athletics. Unfortunately, the famous runner Bot wasn’t mean to be. When the war began, Lange took a job as a nurse in the hospital.

However, for wounded Hertha cared just a little more than a year. In 1942, a fellow officer offered her a new position with a good salary and free uniforms. The bot, without hesitation, agreed. So the former nurse was on training in Ravensbruck concentration camp. In a month “talented graduate” was sent to Stutthof.

Sadist of Stutthof

Becoming a “qualified” by a matron, Herta Bothe gave really turn her sadistic nature. According to witnesses, she was brutally beaten by the prisoners and decided who among them deserves to die in the gas chamber. Thanks to their cruelty, and also the name of a village located not far from the camp, Herta Bothe and earned the nickname “Stuttgarta sadist”.

In 1944, “Stuttgarta sadistic”, according to the order of another known Nazi criminals, Gerda of Steinhoff, was transferred from Stutthof-controlled concentration camp Bromberg-OST. However, at the new location the Bot stayed long. After a few months the Germans, in anticipation of the end, began to turn these objects.

In late January, 1945, Herta Bothe was appointed matron in the so-called death March, Hiking the transfer of prisoners to the camp Bergen-Belsen. Only in the last week of February the prisoners arrived at the appointed destination. During this time, many of them died from exhaustion, disease, hunger and abuse.

the Arrest, conviction and freedom…

However, the death March did not help the officers to avoid punishment. In April 1945 Bergen-Belsen on the orders of Heinrich Himmler was handed over to the allies because of the danger of spreading the typhus epidemic, which could be infected the soldiers of each of the warring parties. Most of the staff of concentration camps were arrested, including Herta Bothe. She later complained that the soldiers forced her to move the corpses of inmates in a mass grave and not even supplied her gloves. The bot was terrified of infection.

this “Stuttgarta sadist” told during Belencoso process, which took place in the autumn of 1945 in Germany. In connection with the lack of evidence Herta Bothe was sentenced only to 10 years of imprisonment. While, for example, the other matron of Stutthof, Jenny-Wanda of Barkmann, was executed and her ashes were washed away in the restroom. Moreover, the Bot was released from prison in 1951.

Hertha Gertrude Botha has lived a long life and died only in 2000 at the age of 79 years. Until the end of his days, she didn’t regret. The bot argued that to blame only those who invented concentration camps, and she was just following management orders.

Yulia Popova

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