Leuven (belgium) In Leuven, it is to be there for the third day in a row, the action brought against the planned merger of the Sacred Drievuldigheidscollege, Sint-Pieterscollege, and the Paridaensinstituut. The pupils were once again a zitstaking and protestpetitie had already had more than 1,000 signatures. “We were not involved in the planning,” said the student.

when The discontent about the project, Ramp to 3000 –with the merger of the three university in Leuven, catholic schools continue to lead to strong protests from the students. For the third day in a row, the students zitstaking. The students are upset because they are not involved in the planning. “Our schools will have their own individual character to lose it in the next project. We have to consciously choose to be one or the other, and that in the future will no longer be able to. In addition, we as students are not involved in the plans for the Platform, the 3000,” said some of the protesting students.