Spikelets: WADA can not prevent the Russian team at the world Cup

the Honorary President of the Russian football Union Vyacheslav Koloskov has evaluated the information that the Russian football team may not play at the world Cup in 2022. This is attributed to the WADA sanctions against Russia.

“Another murk begins to wander from time to time. WADA can not someone to avoid, because such decisions are within the competence of the International football Federation — quoted Koloskova Cempionatam. – Meaning to comment on this information will be only after FIFA will make a statement. The more we comment on nonsense, the more we have problems. Another banal provocation”.

Recall that on the eve of the Arab TV channel BeIn Sports has announced that WADA has sent to Russia a notification stating that the national team of Russia will not be able to participate in the world Cup in 2022 because of the sanctions anti-doping Agency.