17.11.2021, Brandenburg, Potsdam: Daniel Keller (SPD) spricht während der 54. Sitzung des Brandenburger Landtages. Themen der Sitzung sind unter anderem die aktuelle Corona-Lage und die Abstimmung über die 2G-Regelung in Brandenburg. Foto: Monika Skolimowska/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the Potsdam state parliament, Daniel Keller, described the interviews by RBB director Patricia Schlesinger in the Tagesspiegel and in the RBB “Inforadio” as “seriously irritating”. Schlesinger had previously refused to participate in the main committee of the state parliament, saying that “out of respect for the ongoing compliance process and the legal reviews, she does not want to make any public statements or statements.” If, after this statement, two days later interviews by Schlesinger are noted had to take, it was “an unprecedented process,” said Keller, who is also the chairman of the main committee.

In the meantime, the representative of the broadcaster’s freelancers has also spoken out. In a multi-page statement, one complains that the only way to find out about what is happening at the station is from the press. “In view of the “greatest possible transparency” and “clear facts internally and externally” promised by the director, we are not the only ones who find this rather disappointing,” the statement said.

A step in the right direction, however, is that Schlesinger wants to renegotiate her contract, which includes a salary increase of 16 percent plus bonuses. The independent representation also demanded disclosure of the costs for the planned digital media house. Experience has shown that when costs rise, savings are usually made in the programme, i.e. in the fees for freelance journalists.

On Sunday, the “Business Insider” portal quoted from the financing plans for the media company in Berlin: In order to be able to raise the construction costs of up to 150 million euros, a pot of funds for the company pensions of the employees should be tapped. In addition, office space no longer needed due to home office should be vacated and sold.