Some of the officers of Nicholas II was distinguished in the Great Patriotic

History 16/01/20 Some of the officers of Nicholas II was distinguished in the Great Patriotic

Despite the Civil war and the repression of the thirties of the last century, a significant number of former officers of the Imperial Russian army and the Russian army of the period of the Provisional government survived until the great Patriotic war and had served already under the Soviet regime. They played an important role there: “military experts” (as they were called) taught the new, Soviet generation of the military, passed the tradition and the spirit of the old Russian army of the red army. Up to 40% of the entire officer corps of pre-revolutionary Russia passed into the service of the Bolsheviks forged their victory. The head of the revolutionary military Council L. D. Trotsky believed that the king’s officers without the victory of the Reds in the Civil war would have been impossible.

Introduced tsarist officers and contribute to the victory of Russian arms in the great Patriotic war, indirectly participating in the development of the armed forces and commanding the red army. Their role is visible even statistically, about 35% of all division commanders of the red army during the great Patriotic war were officers of the old army. 35% front commanders in 1941-1945, the third of the commanders and 13% of corps commanders, too, had become officers before 1917. Especially great was their share in the infantry. Enough former officers of the Imperial army and among the famous Soviet marshals and generals, whose victories have impressed the whole world. Fought in the tsarist army Georgy Zhukov (for military merit was awarded the George cross), but as only a non-commissioned officer just starting his military career. Were people of higher rank — Apollo Y. Kruse, Lieutenant-General of the red army, corps commander. King swore once and the legendary Lieutenant-General Dmitry Karbyshev, who was tortured by the Germans to death, and Lieutenant General Alexander Bakhtin.

But the most celebrated of the king’s officers, which became the largest generals of the red army in the war against Germany you can literally count on one hand (these people may not be much). First of all, we are talking about the five marshals of the Soviet Union.

Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Vasilevsky in the Imperial army rose to the level of captain and even then was famous for his energy and personal courage. Vasilevsky was in front of the soldiers, drawing them into the attack. Took part in the famous Brusilov offensive (1916). During the war with Nazi Germany, he as an experienced commander were complex operations. One such operation was the assault on heavily fortified by the Germans Kenigsberga in 1945. Then Vasilevsky commanded the Soviet forces in the war with Japan. After the war he became war Minister of the USSR (1949-1953)

Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin also became Lieutenant-captain even with the king. Tolbukhin led the troops of the USSR at Stalingrad, liberated the Germans from Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria. Until 1917 Tolbukhin commanded the battalion received the order of St. Anne and St. Stanislaus. Only Fedor was managed by 12 major operations of the Soviet troops, of which 11 were successful.

Colonel Shaposhnikov — staff officer: he has developed a counter-offensive near Moscow in winter of 1941-1942, Also Shaposhnikov participated in development of offensive operations in the Crimea. And in 1943 he became head of the Military Academy of the General staff. Stalin kept the former tsarist Colonel next to him, Shaposhnikov treated with great respect and always use his advice on military Affairs.

Leonid Aleksandrovich Govorov, Marshal and hero of the Soviet Union, served in the Russian Imperial army second Lieutenant. Then fought against the Reds, becoming the whites under Kolchak Lieutenant. Pretty quickly he realized that the white movement was not for him and switched to red. A good showing of Dialects and during the Civil war, and much later — during the breakthrough of the Mannerheim line during the Winter war with Finland (1939-1940). The irony: as a white guard, Dialects teachingcontributed in the battles against the red army and in 1941 it was headed by Moscow. In addition to the defense of Moscow (for which he received the order of Lenin), Dialects distinguished in Leningrad, becoming the organizers of the breakthrough (operation Iskra) and the lifting of the blockade.

Another Marshal of the Soviet Union and twice hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Khristoforovich Bagramyan, in the Imperial army was an ensign. During the war of 1941-1945 Bagramyan commanded fronts, was one of the developers of plan of operation “Bagration” in 1944 (the liberation of Belarus), then took Konigsberg.

In the face of these marshals and generals of the tsarist officers have demonstrated a sincere patriotism and willingness to sacrifice himself Home. Having absorbed all the best from the army of the Russian Empire, they gave the Soviet troops the glorious qualities that have historically provided to Russian soldiers brilliant victories over enemies.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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