Some captured German weapons, the most prized of the red army

Weapons 18/12/19 Some captured German weapons, the most prized of the red

Despite the fact that during the great Patriotic war, the Red Army took a considerable number of trophies, captured weapons and equipment used is not very active. And not because it was not necessary. There were other reasons quite objective, although in each case their own.

the biggest problem in the use of captured weapons is always the presence of ammunition. If the Wehrmacht in France and in the Soviet Union was able to capture a huge number of not only weapons, but ammunition in the red Army, the situation was somewhat different. The German army on Soviet territory just did not create a big warehouse, and she constantly experienced a shortage of shells, bullets and other things.

a Lot and often write about the trophies captured in Stalingrad. But the army of Paulus, who fought in the environment, experienced a great shortage of ammunition, so in reality the red Army got very little. However, some models of weapons of the Soviet troops used willingly, and this is primarily what the Red Army itself is experiencing a shortage.

for Example, was formed by several parts, armed with the German 75-mm anti-tank guns. Its characteristics are significantly superior to all similar Soviet guns, and if enough shells, then such parts would be more.

Small arms of the Wehrmacht, the red Army was almost not used, in any case, at the front. They are sometimes armed troops of the “second line” — for example, air defense units and subversive groups or sent to the partisans. But was very popular among Soviet soldiers captured pistols, P. 08, better known as “Parabellum”. In the German army they were armed with very large numbers of troops, the percentage of guns in the Wehrmacht were much higher than in other andreach. Therefore getting them to Soviet fighters a lot, but it was more of a souvenir than a weapon of war.

In the red Army were highly appreciated and German armored vehicles. But the use of captured tanks is always fraught, we can knock out, not understanding.

the majority of armored vehicles battered in a failed state, so he was involved in several repair plants, that German technology was doing. Through them it took about eight hundred tanks and self-propelled guns.

To solve the problem of ammunition, the German technique, even to rearm. The Czechoslovak tanks in service with the Wehrmacht, sometimes instead of guns put the Soviet machine guns.

early In the war most readily used captured assault guns because of their self-propelled guns was not. Two dozen assault guns of captured StuG.III be rearmed with Soviet 122-mm howitzer. The plant is called SG-122.

was Later developed by another project similar self-propelled. Used the chassis of a German tank Pz.Kpfw.III (on the same chassis was created and the German StuG.III) and the assault gun StuG.III, which is installed on the cabin with the Soviet 76-mm tank gun. Self-propelled gun called the SU-76И, and in 1943 was released two hundred cars. There were several projects of re-captured tanks with the Soviet 45-mm and 76-mm guns, but was never implemented.

Although most of the tanks used for its intended purpose, some changed their role. Thus, the average German tank (from 1942, the Germans considered easy) Pz.Kpfw.III Soviet tank units readily used as a commander. The German machine was internal convenience, high reliability. For a battle tank obsolete for the second half of the war, but the commanders of tank crews really wanted to go.

the German “Panther” getting a trophy (in good condition) extremely rare and highly valued. And valued as PRtivodecode tool. Their small groups of two or three machines attached to the shelves of self-propelled artillery or anti-tank brigades. As it turned out, the powerful guns of the Soviet “Panther” proved to be the most effective tool against the same Panthers who fought on the other side of the front.

However, fighting vehicles, primarily tanks, is still used not so actively. And problems with ammunition, and their could knock out. But with armored personnel carriers and trucks such problems did not arise. And if the tanks in the red Army and its lack, the end of the war of fifteen thousands of tanks in the army trophy cars were about four hundred (half is defective), then armored vehicles did not exist. All available armored personnel carriers, Soviet troops received only under lend-lease. Therefore, the German machine was used willingly.

the same pattern has been and with other modes of transport. Although the Americans and put the red Army half a million quality trucks with high cross (the Soviet Union fielded during the war half the machines, and non-AWD), captured German half-track tractors and four-wheel drive trucks had a very by the way.

Cyril Shishkin

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