Siberian released the chocolate with the image of Wagin and sells it to women for 500 rubles per tile

Novosibirsk artist Anush, known for his paintings on the theme of female sexuality, has produced a chocolate with a picture of a vagina on the package.

— I Have two paintings of vaginas, which are now in private collections. This is “Yoni” is a painting in shades of pink, and “a woman’s Heart. Vagina” — multicolored. Yoni in Sanskrit means “sacred energy center of the vagina”. Pink print I represent girls, pretty, young. And colorful print accent on the fact that sexuality becomes a healed, healthy, divine, and not vulgar and vulgar. And there came to me the owner of the Novosibirsk brand of handmade chocolate Mr.Konfetkin and offered to do something on the theme of female sexuality: to unite art and taste of chocolate, — says Anush.