Sharaf Rashidov: the mystery of the death of the

History 01/02/20 Sharaf Rashidov: the mystery of the death of the “host” of the Soviet Uzbekistan

the First Secretary of the Communist party of the Uzbek Soviet socialist Republic Sharaf Rashidov has held his position for over 20 years. During this time he managed to acquire, as it seemed, faithful companions. However, once broke the so-called “cotton case”, they all tried to report upstairs on the sins of your yesterday’s idol. From removal from high office, and, perhaps, from the prison Rashidov saved death. However, there are versions that the death of the Uzbek leader were not natural.

Writer and party worker

Until the 1950-ies the biography of Sharaf Rashidov, felt more like a way of life not a party worker, a well-known writer. A native of the Uzbek city of Dzhizak from his youth he wrote poetry and even published in the local press. At least, so says the author of the book “the Case blew up, the Soviet Union” Fedor Razzakov. However, after school, Rashid decided to get one of the most prestigious in those years professions – the profession of teaching. He entered the pedagogical College, and after several years he taught at the school. However, the literature Sharaf is not abandoned: in 1941, he received a diploma of philological faculty of the Samarkand University.

then came the war, and Rashid went to protect the homeland. He returned home in 1943 in connection with a severe wound which he received at the front. For shown in fights of courage Sharaf was not once awarded with orders and medals. However, after the victory Rashidov somehow decided to change the activity. And at least from a writer’s craft, he refused, and moved more to the party line. 2 years after the end of the all-Union party school Rashidov became Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, and after 10 years – the first Secretary of the Communist party of the Uzbek SSR.

“Cotton case”

the famous “cotton case” Sharaf Rashidov managed to hold on to his high positionhave more than 20 years. Then, in the second half of the 1970-ies in Uzbekistan was opened several criminal cases on the facts of corruption, embezzlement and abuse of power. As he writes in his book “100 great scams” ABC news, in one case, which was done by the investigator of the General Prosecutor Telman Gdlyan, the main accused took the head of the anti-corruption squad in the Bukhara region of Muzaffarov. During the investigation Gdlyan found that all the strings from Muzaffarova lead up to the Sharaf Rashidov.

there was a cheating scandal. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Rashid was formerly the pet of Leonid Brezhnev, who in the early 1980-ies was replaced by Yuri Andropov. Andropov Rashidov to establish contact did not. Leonid Mlechin, in his book “Famous suicides” claims that on the instructions of Andropov in the autumn of 1983 in the Uzbek Republic had to the special Commission. However, her arrival Sharaf Rashidov did not wait: 31 October of the same year he died. Mlechin reports that while many suspect that Rashidov died not due to natural causes.


According to one of the suggestions mentioned in particular and Igor Sinitsin in the book “Andropov close. Memories of the days of the thaw and stagnation,” of Sharaf Rashidov remove accomplices involved with the first Secretary in the same corruption scheme. However, the main version to many biographers was and still is a suicide of Sharaf Rashidov. Really hard to believe that death is so “on time” caught up with the Uzbek leader. So, the famous historian Rudolf pihoya absolutely sure that Rashidov had killed himself in order to avoid exposure and the associated shame.

meanwhile, Nikolai Zenkovich, author of the book “Heydar Aliyev. Twists of fate” believes the version of suicide untenable. Zenkovich sure that the rumors about suicide Rashidov began to spread during the time of Gorbachev in order to draw attention to the stalled case after the death of GLAvnogo witness. They say, if you died voluntarily, then, afraid of the court. Zenkovich more inclined to think that Rashidov died of a heart attack. In the time of Sharaf Rashidovich was in a working trip. In a way he became ill, and he asked the driver to stop the car. Rashid got out of the car, had a little lay down in the grass, but she did not improve. Then Rashidov was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died.

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