European CHAMPIONSHIP in volleyball for The Red Dragons, they were in the reinforced concrete of Serbia (0-3), and ending up as runner-up in the group. Luckily, it was just a trailer. With the release of the movie, between Belgium and Serbia may be in the semi-final as both countries are in the quarter-final to survive.

and we have to defeat to Belgium, but with this asterisk, and the result was not that much of a difference. While this is a very, very attractive poster, it had to, you know, less important, because both teams have already had to be in the top two of their group to finish and the world champion of Poland in the quarter-final are to be avoided.

Serbia and ends at the end of the title, however, as top of their group and is now the number four of group D in their quarter-final, probably Montenegro or the Czech republic, which today is still within the duel games. The Red Dragons should be second in the group, may have against the Ukraine, playing in the eighth-finals. As well as Belgium and Serbia on Saturday and their role to fulfil and will find each other again in the semi-final. And that duel was won, the european CHAMPIONSHIPS for the Red Dragons, or crack.