Sberbank increased the amount of the loan under the mortgage program

Sberbank increased the amount of the loan under the mortgage program “the State support – 2020” for the purchase of apartments in new buildings.

Now the program can get a loan in the amount of 12 million rubles in Moscow, the Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region and up to 6 million rubles — in other regions of Russia.

Default interest rate under the mortgage program “the State support – 2020” is 6.4% per annum.

When using the service “Electronic registration” rate on the mortgage is reduced by 0.3 percentage points to 6.1% per annum. The promotion is valid until February 1, 2021.

Also on the mortgage with state support available discount of up to 3.5 percentage points on the rate in the first two years from the date of obtaining a mortgage under the program of subsidizing the developers. Discounted rate on the program of state support with the discount from the Builder will amount to 2.6% per annum.

the Initial contribution on the credit — from 15% of the property value, loan term — up to 20 years.

Nikolai Vasev, the Director of the division “Doclick” savings: “today to arrange a mortgage with state support in the savings Bank it is possible at reduced rates, from 2.6% per annum. We are seeing a high demand for this programme — almost 34 thousand of our clients have acquired property on favorable terms. Increasing the maximum loan amount together with the reduction of the size of the down payment to 15% will allow buyers to choose a more spacious and comfortable accommodation for the whole family, do not delay the solution of housing problems”.

to apply for a mortgage under the program “State support – 2020” at until November 1, 2020.

the General license of Bank of Russia for banking operations № 1481.

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