Road wars. Watch as two hard-nosed driver butting for the right to go first — who will win?

In the latest edition of the project “Where are you going?” a confrontation between two drivers, which ended in a collision on the street Bolshevik. Cars were driving in the same direction, no one wanted to give in and skip ahead to the opponent. Who is to blame according to the law — sort an expert.

Street Bolshevik, the direction to the center, the area between Bugrinskij bridge and the Church of the Archangel Michael. Light van moves on the right side of the road, he probably just went off a bridge. Going to the left “field”, its position — third row on the left. According to the markings and signs of movement of the bands in this place are only three rows. The driver “Fields” it is necessary to go to the right, it moves, but it does not pass the driver of the minivan. Another attempt and van rams “Field”.