the Next game day of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League ended in the capital of Latvia, where the local “Dynamo” took one of the favorites in the Eastern conference – “the Motorist” from Ekaterinburg. The residents have won with the football account 2:1.

To match the opponents came with a completely different mood. The Urals a few days ago secured a place in the playoffs, ranking 4th place on the “East”. The residents are on the penultimate position in the Western conference and in recent 13 matches always lost. It is this “unfortunate” figure “13” the record “Dynamo” was interrupted.

However, until the middle of the third period, the fate of the match hung in the balance. The score was opened guests the efforts of the Sexton already in the 1st minute of the match. At the end of the second half, Blind equalized, but no nothing is guaranteed to any of the contenders. However, the victory of Riga in the 47th minute brought a goal by Protopovich.