Retuinskih rebellion, the largest uprising of prisoners of the Gulag

History 20/02/20 Retuinskih mutiny: the largest rebellion of the prisoners of the Gulag

the Reason for this largest in the history of the Gulag uprising, according to the investigation, were the rumors about the future of mass executions of prisoners and civilians. During the uprising have been killed over 70 people from the paramilitary guards and the rebels, 50 prisoners subsequently shot by the court verdict.

the Rebellion was preparing for a long time

a Mutiny occurred at the end of January 1942 in camp point “of Isorad” Vorkutlag, located a few kilometers from the district center Ust-USA, Komi ASSR. Of the more than 200 prisoners, more than half were “political”, serving terms on the 58 th article. The revolt was prepared by the head of the camp division, civilian Marc by Retuning previously served a three-year term for robbery.
retunin in the autumn of 1941 replenish warehouses camp point food and clothing, explaining on the basis of their requests with possibility of isolation of “Decorada” from Ust-Mustache due to spring floods. As shown later on the consequence of surviving participants in the uprising, about the preparations in the camp division knew more than a dozen prisoners, but operatives of the NKVD in the “Laborade” was not, therefore, the KGB heard about the rebellion only when it began.

I was going to do the rebels

according to the testimony of defendants “retuinskih cause”, retunin after disarming the guards and release the prisoners intended to take over the district, and then, arriving with an armed squad to Kovy, by rail to move to Vorkuta. It was planned to release gets in the way of camp, thus adding to the army of the rebellious prisoners. The intention of the initiators to Ust Usinsk rebellion it had to expand to gigantic proportions and to cover a large number of settlements and tens of thousands of Gulag prisoners, as well as the local population.

the Beginning of the uprising

on Saturday 24 January retunin with accomplices neutralized the painShuya part of the soldiers of the home guard, a deception to lure them into the bath. The rest of the vohrovtsy disarmed, while one was killed and one was wounded. The guards locked in the vegetable store. Retuning prisoners announced the start of the uprising, a significant part of prisoners of the camp division joined the rebels.

Dressed in vorovskie coats armed prisoners and the civilian (over 80 people) loaded on several carts of food and went to Ust-USU. All the rebels were only 12 rifles and 4 revolvers.

the Fighting in Ust ‘ -Truncated

In the village, the rebels took over the mail, the bullpen. One third of the 38 released prisoners joined the rebels. Attempts to capture the shipping company, the police Department and the airfield was not successful. In fierce fighting from both attackers, and the Fusiliers guards and police killed a total of about 20 people.

the Chief of a neighboring camp point Field-Kuria M. Polyakov after receiving reports of the attack at the Ust-USU was sent to help the defending vohr group, which in addition to rifles and revolvers were armed with a machine gun. As soon as he joined the battle, the group Retuning began to move away from the village. About half the rebels had no weapons, vohrovtsy have captured another 20 surrendered themselves.

the Destruction and capture of the remnants of insurgents

At the commencement of the Ust-USA Retuinskih squad broke a company vohr, almost which convicts any resistance. However, the division of Riflemen of the home guard continued to pursue the rebels and on 1 February after almost a day of battle the main group, which together with Marc by Retuning were several commanders of the rebels surrounded them. Retunin and five people were shot, three convicts had killed two surrendered. Scattered groups of prisoners then were caught in the forests until the beginning of March.

It was “gangster talk”

as a result of the rebellion in the fighting killed 42 people among the prisoners and civilian employees, and 33 vohrovets. Subsequently, for teachinginvolvement in the rebellion were sentenced 68 people, 50 of whom were sentenced to capital punishment. The official assessment of what happened boiled down to the phrase “gangster talk”, although most prisoners, the rebels were sitting on the 58 th article.

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