The Red Flames and The Red Flames will play next week with two new race to the CHAMPIONSHIP in 2021. For some, it may be that the national football team, with a gold edge to it. Coach Ives Serneels, and midfielder Janice Cayman, will be against Lithuania, for the hundredth time, out of the Flames.

“I am very proud to announce that I have a unique milestone of 100 caps, you can wrap it up, but I think there are still a few of the girls in the near future is likely to follow, say, a Pen. “Every time I go to the national jersey dress, gives me a sense of pride that my country should be represented. I’m all for the national team to join since 2007, but my best time is so far in the past, because that was our win against Norway at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017, in the Netherlands. The party after the massive existing supporters, will remain a memorable one.”

Ives Serneels: “a lot of fun playing together with this team, and racing to prepare for a”

“It’s really hard to believe that I am in this team for 100 games, led it to do. As soon it started,” notes head coach Serneels. “It’s an incentive to do even better, as a coach, and for a moment, which I’m thankful for everyone in my staff, in particular, which throughout this period of time helped. Thanks to them, I am able to grow as a coach and as a human being. While the game itself is the focus, of course, to the sport, because we really, really want these next two matches, the winning shut down, so that the number of points to stay in the lead in our EUROPEAN qualifying group.”
Julie Biesmans: “a Win is a must,” She Missipo: “Yet it is certainly not to be underestimated”