Multimedia At the International Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin, and is published annually in a series of innovations in the field of consumer technology is proposed. The following are seven gadgets with which we were already pretty impressed. Sonos ‘ Move: a bluetooth speaker for both indoor and outdoor use

the basic Move is to move to the Us audiopionier for the first time, a move to the outside. Literally, with a convenient handle on the back of the Sonos speaker is now also available to take away to the garden. Where on the Sonos’ Trueplay-tuning of the acoustic environment that are scanning for the best possible sound to them. According to Sonos, the CEO and Patrick Spence, the Sonos ‘ Move is not only against splash, but also take a serious beating. “We have to have a piece of concrete smashed in, and yet he continued to play music,” says Spence.

The main downside is the same as that of all the other Sonos products, you can’t make music play via Bluetooth, so that everyone who own a smartphone will also participate in the app, the company will need to install it. Price: $ 399 (us).

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