The popularity of the American president, when He comes back, and while a majority of Americans are concerned about a recession, and the impact of the trade war with China. According to a new poll from the American krantThe the Washington Post and ABC News.

, Where 44 per cent of the voting rights of Americans in June, still found out that He was doing it, is that only 38 per cent (about the same as in april, when it was 39 percent). The fact that 56 percent of the state is not behind his policies.

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He gets less good marks for its economic policies, which range from 51% in July to 46 per cent today. 47 per cent (a majority) will find that his economic policies are a bad thing. In particular, its approach to trade negotiations with China, not on the applause of charge: 56%) disapproves of it, while less than 35 percent approve.

The economy in July, incidentally, is the only policy areas where He is above the half, then scored. More than half of it was not to take care of the migratieaanpak, his health, his approach to gun violence, and climate change.

Noteworthy: a majority (56 percent) of Americans judge the economy, or even as an “excellent” or “good”. That is, on the other hand, is a lot less than in november of last year, when 65 percent of Americans are satisfied with the economy.

According to the poll, expect a 6 out of 10 Americans that a recession is coming in the next few years, and that the trade war with China will have negative consequences in the form of higher prices for the American consumer. Only 43 per cent feel that it is the policy of the Home, the chances of a recession increase, has, compared with 16 percent who feel that the policy with the risk of recession, scaled-down. 34 percent feel that it is the policy of the Home is not a difference it has made. (read on below)