Depolitie of Trumbull County, Ohio, united states, has a carriage which held that the passengers, not long before had fled. They left the crates behind it and the back wall was a massive sound system built in.

The Amish are a peaceful and religious people who do not drink, and no electricity is used. Joe Dragovich, the deputy sheriff of Trumbull County, North Bloomfield, was surprised to see him on the street, a wandering Amish in the carriage, thought of it. The bank was in a come for a crate of beer. Even more apparent was the fact that the car was a huge, home-made sound system in the back. It reports that the channel Fox8.

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When the cops came, jumped the men from the wagon and fled, probably because they were drunken. For an accident to occur, the police are the first for the horse and each other, and the cart is afslepen. “I’ve never been to an Amish carriage rides are held”, said the deputy sherriff. “But I have been told that the horse was the way to his house, and, therefore, we take it to the house.”Unfortunately, he put the animal in an old mine. The u.s. department of justice is still missing.