Brussels airport due to The sudden closure of the shop Fritaliaan last weekend, the talk of the town in the Flemish Brabant city of Melsbroek. The only thing frietkot of the town was last week forced to close after a complaint from a neighbor. This petition has almost 400 signatures, and the town is full of posters for the staff to support it. “You should be there, but be sure of this: we’re coming back,” says Angelo Bottiglieri.

Few of the hundreds and hundreds of people came Sunday to the shop Fritaliaan the Lieutenant Philippartstraat in Melsbroek off. Do not order French fries to eat with the deep-fryer, it is, after all, since the beginning of last week, will be temporarily closed in response to a complaint from a neighbour regarding noise and odour nuisance, wildplassers and the difficulties encountered, but rather to present a petition to sign, and the owners, Angelo and Renato Bottiglieri, as a heart under the belt to sting. “The petition was at the request of dozens and dozens of customers,” said Angelo. “We have called on everyone on social media to vote for our shop to come to in the hope as many as possible signatures to be able to collect. That is, the counter is currently at over four hundred, it is amazing. With the support of the customers, we are very much a god.”

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it’s not a petition, like our neighbors and customers, and the brothers cheer them up, too, with posters expressing their dissatisfaction with the fact that the shop is temporarily closed, should. It is an initiative of the posters, is second to Karin Logist. “The twins have worked so hard to get a business to open up in a community where less than retail and hotels and restaurants, and now, suddenly, with their backs against the wall-making”, what it sounds like. “It was more than a little trouble keeping up with posters to boot.”

all The brothers have worked so hard to get a business to open up in a community where less than retail and hotels and restaurants are and now, suddenly, with their backs against the wall and turned.

Neighbor, Claire, Logist

In the breakdown service Dierickx, along the chaussée de haecht, in Melsbroek is a large part of the facade is filled with posters, and even an Italian flag. “We believe it is terrible what the brothers are currently experience,” says managing director In Dierickx. “In Melsbroek, for example, in recent years, one business, one after the other. We were very happy to see that the two young brothers tried to deep-fry to open. Their business brought them to life in the village. On the other hand were we have a client in the Fritaliaan. It is hard to understand that one neighbor may cause such a case, the doors must be closed. Our facade is to be consistent with the posters, as well as the Italian and the Belgian flag to show that we, the two brothers have plenty of support. We hope, therefore, that they make their French fries fast be able to re-open.”