Parking spaces at the house in the center of the capital gave the Consulate of Austria

In Chisty pereulok in the center of the capital, local residents discovered that their Parking spaces are given to diplomatic missions that are located in a fair distance. Why did this happen? Is it possible to find places for all?

Minus 4 places. Inhabitants of houses No. 6 and 8 in Chisty pereulok wonder: on what basis, here is a new sign which permits Parking only cars of the Embassy.

– We want to understand why all of a sudden our two houses became the Embassy.

the nearest Embassy of Mexico — a few hundred meters. Danish — even on a different street. Near the road is a Consulate of Austria. It turned out that the Parking lot took him.

“At the request of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, we have identified four places in clear lane to the Consulate of Austria,” — said the head of Department of development of Parking spaces, Department of transport of Moscow Maria Mayorova.

Local residents assure that everyone who comes to the Consulate, usually I stop at the area and parked behind a fence. And if to arrange external Parking near the building is representative and not across the road.

‘ Well, let’s Conservatory this place is organized, which is three kilometers from here!

Parking in Chisty pereulok really a problem. 10 near the house, five seats, two of which are for disabled people. Near the 6th house is another, and near the 8th places now at all. This Park expect not only local residents, but also those who, for example, brings or takes away children from music school. Free places is almost never asked, and those who came here by car, forced to break the rules.

the Department of transport said: local residents with Parking’t hurt. In 2018, the Large Levshinsky lane at the intersection with the Net, they additionally organized three Parking spaces exclusively for holders of resident Parking permits. And the number of such places can be further increased.

“If the inhabitants of ethere is a need to organize additional places, we can consider this opportunity,” says Maria Mayorova.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”