History 12/01/20 Operation “palm”: how Stalin came to the conference in Potsdam

the Potsdam conference was the last event organized during the Second world war, where he met the heads of governments of the USSR, USA and Britain. Preparations for the conference was code named “palm”, and one of the important parts of the operation was to smuggle Stalin in Germany.

the Potsdam Conference

the Last conference of the Second world war, which was attended by the leaders of the so-called “big three” took place near the German capital in the city of Potsdam in the summer of 1945. As noted in the encyclopedia “History of Russia of XVIII-XX centuries” edited by A. V. Shubin and p. P. Cherkasov, the main challenge which was organized by the conference, was a postwar world in Europe. During the event, the victorious powers agreed on the demilitarization of Germany, the destruction of the German monopolies, the punishment of Nazi criminals and the right of occupation of the country.

To discuss these issues in Potsdam arrived American President Truman, who succeeded the deceased Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill of England and the leader of the Soviet Union by Stalin. Due to the fact that the protagonists of the conference was truly a legendary personality, security measures were taken. The whole territory of Potsdam were lined with a double ring of protection. In addition, according to Alexander Kolesnik, author of the book “Chronicle of the family life of Stalin”, the head of security of Stalin Nikolai Vlasik was brought to Germany all foodstuff in order to avoid trouble do not use local products.

the Journey on the train

However, in Potsdam Stalin it was necessary to get. According to Vladimir Alliluyeva, author of “Stalin – Allilueva. Chronicle of a family,” the chief was looking forward to this trip because I wanted to seeto do with their own eyes what the country was during the great Patriotic war. Stalin had to overcome in an armored train 1923 kilometres. Responsibility for the security of the leader on this path were assigned to Lavrenty Beria.

Simon Sebag-Montefiore, the author of the book “Stalin. Palace of the red monarch”, with reference to the Beria writes that along the railway tracks were placed more than 1.5 thousand of the operative officers of the NKVD/GB and more than 17 thousand employees of the NKVD. Prior to his trip, namely 2 July 1945, Beria reported to Stalin that the above employees it was decided to locate as follows: in the Soviet Union for 6 people on each kilometer of road, on the territory of Poland – for 10 people, and in Germany – 15 people. In addition, Beria proposed patrol route structure, which was supposed to be Stalin, with the help of 8 armored trains.


meanwhile, according to Marshal Dmitry Yazov, in his book “the victorious Stalin. The Generalissimo in the great Patriotic war”, Stalin, who was recognized as a global leader, hated any pomposity. That is why in Germany the Soviet leader met a very modest delegation. About Stalin personally asked Georgy Zhukov. “You do not try to meet to build all sorts of honorary guards with orchestras. Come to the station yourself and bring along those who you think need you,” ordered Stalin to Zhukov.

Indeed, at the Berlin station is expected Stalin Zhukov, who was then the Commander of group of Soviet occupation forces in Germany. According to Vladimir Jarikov, the author of the publication “the groves Equation with three unknowns”, it happened on 17 July 1945. It turns out that Stalin was late for one day, because originally, the Potsdam conference was scheduled for the 16th. Subsequently, the leader apologized for it in front of other participants. According to Dmitri Volkogonov in his book “WithTalin”, the Generalissimo was justified by the fact that he was detained by the negotiations with the Chinese, and to fly he forbade the doctors. According to Eugene Hussars, author of “Stalin in the life”, shortly before the conference, Stalin and in fact have already had the third heart attack.

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