History 29/01/20 “Operation Berezino”: how Stalin forced the Abwehr almost a year to help non-existent German partisans

For this operation, according to some local historians, were related Generalissimo Joseph Stalin. Event “berezyne” became a logical continuation of the operation “Monastery” – radio games, which from 1941 to 1944, the NKVD successfully conducted with the Abwehr.

Operation “Monastery”

the Two operations, and “Monastyr” and “Berezino”, led by the legendary Soviet intelligence officer Pavel Sudoplatov. Modern commentators, quoting his memoirs, tells us in his books about how “Monastery” was a logical consequence “berezyne”.

Anatoly Maximov in “the Central mystery of the GRU” specifies that the operation “Monastery” began on the eve of the Nazis attacked the USSR – Soviet counterintelligence before the war managed to convince the Abwehr that the Soviet Union is an agent of the former, allegedly associated with the anti-Soviet group “the Throne” (its “formed” Pavel Sudoplatov and other counterintelligence). For the Nazis it was agent Heine (Max). In the first years of the great Patriotic war, the NKVD was able to convince the Germans that a source close to the entourage of Marshal Boris Shaposhnikov, and General Konstantin Rokossovsky. Scout Alexander Demyanov (Heine) sent to the German rear as a member of the “Throne” at the end of 1941. And in March, 1942, after checking in the Abwehr, he was abandoned back to the territory of the USSR.

the Operation “Monastery” in the Great Patriotic scrupulously developed and implemented the Soviet secret service (she worked together on the staff of the red army and the NKVD) – “intelligence” Heine (max) trusted himself Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. Largely due to misinformation received during this radio games between the NKVD and the Abwehr, the Germans were in the ring at Stalingrad and repeatedly carried the offensive at Kursk, which ultimately decided the outcome of this battle and the Second world war in General (it’s then he noted in his memoirs field Marshal Erich von Manstein and Colonel-General Heinz Guderian).

a Logical extension radio games

Alexander Demyanov continued to fool the Germans as Heine – max and after completion of the “Monastery”, from August 1944 until spring 1945. Now he was the main link in the operation “Berezina”.

According to archival documents of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia (SVR), “berezyne” started simultaneously with large-scale offensives of the red army in the summer of 1944, which resulted in the liberation of Belarus. The individual compounds of the Nazis were surrounded and tried to escape from the boiler. And the Soviet counter-intelligence (again, prompted by Stalin, which confirms SVR) decided by the new radio games to create the illusion of active operations are surrounded by German troops in the rear of the USSR.

the new operation “Berezina” was again entrusted Paul Sudoplatov. The main objective was to force the Germans to believe that the encirclement to fight need weapons, ammunition and food.

Heine on the radio gave false information about the existence of the mythical part, consisting of more than 2 thousand soldiers and officers and hiding in the forests of Belarus in the area of the river Berezina. Confirmed this misinformation prisoner Colonel Henry Sherborn. He was helped by several agents, the Germans captured and recruited by Soviet intelligence service and the German antifascists. Together they have created the Abwehr impression of the fighting in the rear of the Soviet Union the fictitious formation of the Wehrmacht. The existence of “part of Scherhorn” reported to Hitler personally (about the NKVD reported by the German radio operators, abandoned in the area of the Berezina river and intercepted by our intelligence). Two prisoners of the radio operators managed to recruit, and they are also involved in the radio game. All this time the Germans were thrown into these NKVD areas of food, equipment and medicines. Then the Germans landed two German radio operators, and saboteurs were again recruited by the Soviet contrasvedrai. In continuation of radio games “part of Sherborne divided into three pieces and went to the front line”. And the Germans continued to supply fake units of tons of military cargo.

Radiogra between Soviet intelligence and the Abwehr continued until the beginning of may 1945, “parts of Sherborne” even confided about the suicide of Hitler and “with a heavy heart,” said that can’t help them.

According to the SVR for the first 9 months of operation, “berezyne” the Germans dropped on the territory of Belarus dozens of tons of weapons, ammunition, uniforms, medicines and food; 13 radio stations and nearly 2 million Soviet money, and sent 22 spies (they were all arrested by the “SMERSH”).

Alexander Demyanov after the war worked as an engineer at Sri, died in 1978. Heinrich Sherborne, in absentia, awarded by Hitler “for gallant actions in the Soviet rear”, after the great Patriotic war together with the Germans, which contribute to our counterintelligence during the “berezyne”, was allowed to leave the GDR. Further traces of him are lost: when, why, and where he died is unknown.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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