Inland Today in Brussels a new klimaatmars place. According to the census of the police force walking around 15.000 people. Captain Anuna, The Weaver, let us know in the klimaatspijbelaars now once again have monthly marches will be organized. Also Kyra is in Gantois, autograph collection, that is after the violence of the group Youth For Climate joined it is today. World find today, after a phone call from Greta Thunberg, more than 5,000 events are taking place in order to take action for the environment. The highlight will be a demonstration in New York city. There are more than one million students are expected, from over 1,800 schools that are klimaatspijbelen allowed.

The most famous Swedish-teen, and activist Greta Thunberg, has called on the world to protest in the run-up to the climate summit at the United Nations on Tuesday. As expected, there are Friday in 120 countries with more than scholierenprotesten.

“We can put the work down and out in the street to politicians as a reminder that time is running out for the climate crisis, to tackle the” report of the organizers of the march, in Brussels, belgium. It starts at 13: 30 o’clock, at the central station. “Over the generations, we turn to the youth, adults, and grandparents.”

Klimaatorganisaties the Youth for the Climate, and Teachers, for the Climate, We can for Climate change and the Rise in for air-conditioning, will all be present. The more radical and Extinction patrick’s day celebration will also let all of us on the Train. The third is a global strike and the climate will once again have the support of the trade unions, and ngos such as Amnesty International.

According to one count, the police are there to klimaatmars in Brussels some 15,000 people. Also, Anuna, The Truth, and Kyra is in Gantois, autograph collection away with them.

Anuna-The Truth

“this is going to be. We spent the whole summer away from the scene, and then there was the big drama Coming, and Kyra is in Gantois, autograph collection. That’s a shame, because this was supposed to be our big come-back of his. I am very happy to be here today and to all the people who believe in it,” says Weaver.

– Youth for Climate change will be reset monthly, on the streets, with a march to the climate crisis to address. Itself has Anuna-The Truth in next week for the next three months to Latin America, but it is the actions that are going on. There is still work to be done. “There’s been almost nothing happening in Belgium. In all of the European klimaatrapporten who came in did you see that Belgium is on the line gebuisd it is. It’s been a disaster. I had thought they would be ambition, it would have shown. You can’t change the world from one day to the next, but the “sense of urgency” is not yet in the political world. That’s why I start to almost panic. It’s really about our future.”