Novosibirsk scientists are the first in Russia to receive existing antibodies to COVID-19

Novosibirsk scientists were able to obtain in the laboratory working with antibodies to the coronavirus in the future they will be used to create a vaccine.

to Obtain antibodies were able in the laboratory of immunogenetics, Institute of molecular and cellular biology SB RAS.

— In the Novosibirsk scientific center was the first in Russia received active antibody COVID-19. This was done using blood samples from survivors COVID-19 donors and the unique technology of sorting of single B-lymphocytes (blood cells responsible for the formation of the immune system). These antibodies are able to block interaction of virus and cell receptor АСЕ2 (protein embedded in the cell membrane), respectively, to prevent its penetration into target cells, — quotes the Executive Secretary of the working group under RAS to overcome new coronavirus infection Olga Dorokhov all the best for the official portal of the project “campus 2.0”.