Cycling, Chris Froome will not take part in the Criterium of Saitama. The four-time tour winner does not want to take the risk and drive better, not in a platoon, however, he has been in Japan for the party in the trial.

as Chris Froome, came in June, when the survey of the individual time trial in the Dauphine also provides a heavy fall. He was fractures on the ribs, femur, hip, elbow to the back of his neck. In the meantime, he trains again on the bike, but it is far from being the same. Froome is still going to trekkebenend through life, and must continue to undergo surgery in december, and the hip joint. A steel plate is removed, and a number of nuts, bolts and screws. “And then I’d be totally on my return to work,” he said on the sidelines of the Criterium of Saitama. “However, my recovery is now progressing to your liking, very good in fact. No, in fact I have never been to, stop the thought. I’m still not done with the cycling. I got there too late, and I feel like I have to not say goodbye. I will do everything in my power to get back to the top-level and return to it, I’m facing the biggest challenge of my career.”

The test of Saitama will be on Sunday in Japan will be organised. I won, with the exception of last year, it has always been present and are missing in the edition in 2019. However, he will be in the game itself, not the drive. “It’s better I take no risks,” said the British Team may maintain an action thereon. I’m still not ready to race in a group ride, it’s not the same as a training ride. In a match, you will get with the gears, pulling up at the corners, that’s what I do now. I’ve been groepstochten been completed, but the rates seems to me to be not such a good idea. However, I will ride the time trial, which takes place in front of the Criterion itself.

I won a really the opportunity to use the race course of the Olympic Games, to explore, and a game is about 234 km. He, along with team-mate Michal Kwiatkowski, Romain Bardet and Jakob Fuglsang. However, they explored only in the finals because of the weather. Typhoon Bualoi made after heavy rainfall and the roads were in different places are flooded. “We have only the last 40 km to be explored”, he said. “The weather played us false, but from what I’ve seen, and if you look at the profile of the road race, then it would be hard, very hard, heavier than even the Olympics in Rio,” said Froome. In Rio, he was twelve, and popped Him On the Team for the gold medal.